Important Notification for Over 60’s Exemptions Cut-off Date


Notice to all Estate Agents who are aged 60 years or older and who wish to apply for the grant of an educational exemption against the NQF real estate qualifications and/or the Professional Designation Examinations (PDE)

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) has, since August 2011, allowed estate agents aged 60 years and older the opportunity to apply for the grant of an educational exemption against the NQF Level 4 and/or 5 real estate qualifications as well as against the Professional Designation Examinations (PDE) for principal or non-principal estate agents, as the case may be.

Estate agents are advised that this latitude will, however, cease as from 30 June 2015. Estate agents who qualify for the grant of the age-based educational exemption and who have either not yet applied for the exemption or been granted the exemption have a final opportunity to apply therefor by no later than 31 May 2015. This cut-off date will afford all applicants the opportunity of both submitting the necessary application for exemption, having the same duly assessed and of being interviewed by 30 June 2015 as required by the relevant policy. Continue reading

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Is There An Employment Relationship Between Estate Agent And Principle?

Following is an interesting presentation that was compiled by Mr Sarel Snyman of JobLaw, demonstrating the employment relationship between Estate Agents and Principals.

Is there an Employment Relationship between Estate Agent and Principal

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Electronic Issuing of Fidelity Fund Certificates

Further to our notification in our December report and following our meeting with Mr Bryan Chaplog, CEO of the EAAB, we are pleased to announce that the EAAB are implementing the issuing of FFC’s electronically.

The following notice has been published on the EAAB’s website.


All Fidelity Fund Certificates issued for 2015 will be uploaded onto the MyEAAB portal on the top menu bar of the EAAB’s website before it is posted.

This should greatly assist estate agents to be able to view and download a copy of their Fidelity Fund Certificate whilst they are awaiting the original through the post.

The EAAB will thereafter upload all Fidelity Fund Certificates issued for the period 2012/2013 and 2014 respectively.”

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Services SETA Discretionary Grant Applications

Please ignore previous deadline dates that were released by EAAB.  Following is correct deadline date of 30 January 2015 as issued by Services SETA.  Therefore, there is still time to apply for a Discretionary Grant.

SSETA Application Grant Notice

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Disqualification of Estate Agents Relating To Fidelity Fund Certificates Due to Non-Compliance With Audit Reports Submission Requirements


The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) would like to thank all estate agency firms who complied with section 29(b), section 32(3)(b) and section 32(4) of the Estate Agency Affairs Act (the Act) by causing an audit of the trust account and the business and submitting the audit reports within the prescribed timeframe of four months after the financial year end.

Following the finalisation of the internal processing of the audit reports emailed, posted or submitted to the EAAB, all estate agency firms who do not have an audit report for one or more financial years on our system have been disqualified in terms of section 27(aA)(i) of the Act. Continue reading

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The ‘One Learner-One Estate Agency’ Youth Programme


Following are the links to the EAAB website that provides additional information about the program for your review and distribution.

One Learner_One Estate Agency_Youth Programme



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One Learner – One Estate Agency Youth Programme Notification


The EAAB is actively seeking the cooperation of all registered estate agency enterprises, and particularly that of medium to small estate agency firms, in pledging to act as mentors/host employers to the intern estate agents who will be participating in the ‘One Learner – One Estate Agency’ Youth Programme.  With the active support and ongoing assistance of such estate agency firms the EAAB will be able to match appropriate intern estate agents with willing and able mentors/host employers. To find out more click here.

One Learner – One Estate Agency Youth Programme Notification 05 Jan 2015 (3)

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Rental Housing Amendment Act, 2014

It is hereby notified that the President has assented to the following Act, which is hereby published for general information:–

Act No. 35 of 2014: Rental Housing Amendment Act, 2014

Rental Housing Amendment Act 2014

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EAAB – Commencement of the first CPD three-year rolling cycle


The first three-year rolling CPD cycle will commence as from 1 January 2015, from which date the EAAB will be offering participants an extensive diary of workshops and events throughout the country. It is also envisaged that participants will shortly be able to accrue a set number of verifiable CPD points through utilisation of e-learning mechanisms. This will particularly assist those participants who do not reside, or conduct business, in the major metropolitan areas. Continue reading

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Variation or Cancellation of Contracts by Email


Written By: Robby Coelho | Partner | Webber Wentzel

A recent decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) serves as a reminder that the use of e-mails can have material legal consequences for businesses.

In the recent case of Spring Forest Trading v Wilberry of 21 November 2014, the SCA had to consider whether contracts could validly be consensually cancelled by exchange of emails between the parties. Continue reading

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