Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in 2018

It is most gratifying for the EAAB to be able to record that the overwhelming majority of estate agents that were required to do so have successfully completed the first three-year rolling CPD cycle.  This, no doubt, bodes extremely well for the continued professionalisiation of the real estate sector and for the enhancement of the status of estate agents in fulfilling a most important role within the South African economy.

It should be recorded, however, that those participants who have successfully completed the first three-year rolling CPD cycle, are now required to register for the next CPD cycle which, in their case, will commence in 2018.  It is to be emphasised that that CPD represents a career long commitment by estate agents to the maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism within the differentiated real estate sectors in which they operate.  

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The Estate Agency Affairs Board is gratified at the positive response received from CPD participants on the first three-year CPD cycle (that is to say, estate agents, excluding intern estate agents, who had been issued with fidelity fund certificates for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 calendar years respectively) to ensure timeous compliance with any outstanding CPD obligations. This much-valued cooperation has, unfortunately, resulted in the IT system being overwhelmed. The EAAB tenders its sincere apologies to all participants who have experienced difficulty in accessing its IT system and advises that the capacity of the IT system has been expanded to meet the on-going demand.  


Rebosa 30 January 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

CPD Deadline

As you are aware, the deadline for the CPD 3-year rolling cycle is tomorrow 31 January 2017.

As we predicted, the EAAB system can now not cope with the demand.  The MyCPD portal is not functioning and is therefore not allowing agents to complete their PDPs or accrue the required points through the E-Learning platform.

Whilst we urge you to continue trying to access the site, we recommend you take screen shots of all your attempts and the resulting error messages, as well as to keep a copy of your CPD proof of payment in order to avoid penalties after the deadline.

In addition, the EAAB finance department is experiencing a huge backlog in respect of allocating payments.  If you are unable to access your MyCPD at all, it could very well mean that your payment has not been linked, resulting in the platform not being available. Once again please ensure that you have proof of payment with the correct 7 digit reference number.

We have brought this to the attention of the EAAB so there is no need to write to us in this regard.

Rebosa has spent time at the EAAB this week assisting members with their CPD queries, however, due to the enormous backlog we currently cannot respond to everyone individually.  If you have written to us then your query is acknowledged and is receiving attention.

We are monitoring the process closely.

Kind regards



The Constitution and land expropriation – how would it work?

Courtesy: Pierre De Vos and Daily Maverick – 17 January 2018

At the end of last year, the national conference of the African National Congress (ANC) decided to start the process of amending section 25 of the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation. However, this decision was qualified by the requirement that the Constitution would only be amended if it would not negatively impact on the agriculture, food security or other sectors such as financial services. It is unclear whether (and if so, how) these requirements could be met, but if we assume for arguments sake that the process of amendment will go ahead, how would this be done?

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Rebosa 25 January 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

You really can’t laugh this off

Please take note that you have until the end of this month to qualify for you CPD points in terms of the first 3-year rolling cycle.

Please see the notice below in this regard.


We have every reason to believe that the EAAB will follow through on this and that you will not be able to obtain a Fidelity Fund Certificate going forward should you not comply, on top of which there are penalties.

This is not about the perceived value of CPD or any other considerations.  The reason is to ensure that you remain in a position to trade as an estate agent.

Should you experience any difficulties in accessing the e-Learning platform on your MyCPD agent portal, we reiterate that you lodge a query on the online query system and send the reference number to us together with screenshots of any error messages, which will enable us to assist you after the deadline has passed.  

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Rebosa 15 January 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

Almost “Well Done”

Since mid-November last year, Rebosa has been seriously engaged with the EAAB in light of the looming crisis regarding the non-issue of 2018 FFC’s.  As you are well aware this puts the livelihoods of many estate agents in jeopardy.

For the very first time in our history, legal action became a distinct possibility.  We are however, pleased to report that the EAAB responded to our endeavours in earnest and in the most positive manner to date.  Staff leave was cancelled, temporary staff were employed and many worked between Christmas and New Year, not to mention the overtime.

We sincerely commend Mr Sigaba, Mr Sakoneka, Ms Mphahlele, Mr Khumalo and their staff for their commitment and resolve, over this period, in reducing the backlog.

Although not every issue has been resolved, we can report that as of today 74% of all complaints received by us and listed up to the end of 2017 have been resolved and FFCs have been issued.

In  ± 13% of the cases, Rebosa members have to forward supporting documentation and iro of the remaining ± 13% the EAAB are still in process of issuing certificates.

During this process many bottlenecks were identified and hopefully permanently resolved. Subsequently our working relationship with the EAAB has never been on a better footing.

We have confidence that the remaining issues will be resolved including the new queries we received at the beginning of this year.  

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