A Big thank you to Clive Ashpol and Adrianne Du Toit for your efforts on our behalf. It has been a long and arduous battle but we got there in the end!

Kind Regards


Good morning Adrianne

Thank you, thank you & thanks again!

This has certainly made my day & I know that my Agents will be delighted that you have managed to achieve this result on our behalf.

I’ll forward the information onto everyone concerned and ensure they action this today.

Lorraine Kirsten
Broker/ Owner

Hi Adrianne. Thank you for your email.   Yes I have been allocated my 2015 CPD points and it seems that my 2016 programme is in order. I appreciate all Rebosa is doing to help us concentrate on selling. Take care. Pixie  

A big thank you to REBOSA and Clive Ashpol of EAAB for sorting out the problem with our CPD fees which although paid in early February 2016, were not allocated until End of May early June 2016. 

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Agents, here’s how to keep yourself safe

Be Safe Image 1

Every South African is acutely aware of the need to remain vigilant of their personal safety. This is, unfortunately, something that every property professional has been tragically reminded of this past week.

Michelle Dickens, MD of TPN, shares six safety tips that every property professional should consider. “These are simple steps you can take to stay safe and still continue to thrive in our industry,” she says.  

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Good afternoon

Thank you for all your help Adrianne, we have finally received a reply from Molly.

Please see below.

It’s so frustrating but at least we have confirmation in writing that tomorrow is fine to go-ahead.

Thank you again for your swift response and attention it’s greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure if you would like to advise your contacts thereof?

Thank you
Angie Smith
Property Consultant
Chas Everitt – Benoni

Hi Jan Congratulation with the establishment of the multi-stakeholder group. While I am sure it is not going to be easy, I do believe it is progress. Well done! Regards Derek Fox Auction Boys  

Good morning Adrianne

Thank you very much for your assistance and I think you are supposed to be the CEO of the Board. I will also forward you the emails I have been sending to the EAAB for our agents’ FFCs.

Thank you.

Kind regards


Hi Andy and Jan

The good news is sure good news- thanks to you guys.

Well done and a big thank you- although I have my 15 points.

Keith Wakefield
Chairman – Wakefields Head Office / Service Centre

Dear Adrianne You were sent by God to intervene in my professional life. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate Nomsa s efforts in this matter. Keep up the good work. Mandisa Sinuka