Rebosa 14 September 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

Please take special note of the regional Stakeholder Engagement Sessions which form part of the public participation process on the Property Practitioners Bill, that will be taking place from 18 September.


Property Practitioners Bill

On 4 September 2018, Rebosa was invited by the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements to make a verbal presentation on our comments and recommendations on the proposals contained in the Property Practitioners Bill.

Below, please find Rebosa’s full submission on the PP Bill as well as the speech delivered by the Chief Executive.

REBOSA Property Practitioners Bill Commentary 2018

Jan le Roux Speech Portfolio Committe BILL – 04092018

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REBOSA 31 August 2018 Report


Please be advised that it is stated in Section 8.6 of the Property Sector Code that:

An EXEMPTED MICRO ENTERPRISE (“EME”) is only required to obtain a sworn affidavit or certificate from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) on an annual basis confirming the following:-

8.6.1     Annual turnover based on the EME threshold table

8.6.2     Level of black ownership

We have tested this and it appears that CIPC does not issue such affidavits or certificates.  

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REBOSA 7 August 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

This report largely focusses on legislation that is currently before Parliament or already enacted and which commencement dates are imminent.  We therefore urge you to peruse the following carefully and ensure that your Companies are prepared.

Should you have any concerns or queries you need clarity on, you are welcome to email me on

Kind regards


Property Practitioners Bill

A slightly revised Bill was published on 31 May 2018 and introduced to the National Assembly on 14 June 2018.  The Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements invited interested people and stakeholders to submit written comments on the Property Practitioners Bill [B 21 – 2018] by Friday, 10 August 2018.  Rebosa consulted with their attorneys and submitted further comment in line with our previous commentary.

We will keep you informed as this process unfolds.  

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REBOSA 29 June 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

Property Practitioners Bill

On Tuesday 26 June, the Department of Human Settlements briefed the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements on the Property Practitioners Bill [B21-2018].  The Portfolio Committee is going to embark on a public participation process where the public will have an opportunity to interact with the committee on the Bill.  Rebosa will be participating in this process and will notify all our members in due course.  Please see the press release from the meeting below.

PP Bill Press Release  

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REBOSA 10 April 2018 Report

Pam Golding 

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Pam Golding.  Mrs Golding was a truly remarkable women.  She built a thriving global property business that earned her place as one of Africa’s leading businesswomen – all whilst maintaining her effortless grace and charm and never losing sight of her exemplary levels of ethics and integrity.  She has left a wonderful legacy for the next generation of female entrepreneurs to follow.  We extend our deepest sympathies to Andrew, Peter and Jill, the Pam Golding Group family and her many colleagues and friends.

New Minimum Wage Provisions

The introduction of a national minimum wage is expected to increase the earnings of more than six million working South Africans. Under the new law, employers will have to pay their staff a minimum wage of R20 an hour.   

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Rebosa 20 March 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues


The VAT rate has increased to 15%.  Please read article below courtesy of John Gilchrist, Director: Property Law Publications.  This article supersedes all previous correspondence sent by Rebosa on the VAT issue.

VAT 15% ARTICLE – Rebosa 19032018



It is really most unfortunate that in the 4th year of CPD we still have to communicate that the whole endeavour remains fraught with difficulty.  

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Dear Colleagues

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have been given a grace period for the CPD deadline until 31 March 2018 and no penalties will apply.

We have interacted with the EAAB extensively over the past weeks and believe it made a difference.

Together we can achieve what individually we cannot.

Please read the notice below from the EAAB carefully.


We thank you for all the emails we’ve received, your screenshots and proof of payments.  We are still working closely with EAAB personnel to get these resolved in good time whilst taking into account the severe backlogs that exist.

This being said, we urge you to comply well before the new deadline i.e. at least by 15 February as leaving it to the last minute will leave you compromised, should the system not be able to cope with increased traffic.  No further deadline will be given and Rebosa will not be in a position to assist after this date.

Kind regards

Rebosa 30 January 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

CPD Deadline

As you are aware, the deadline for the CPD 3-year rolling cycle is tomorrow 31 January 2017.

As we predicted, the EAAB system can now not cope with the demand.  The MyCPD portal is not functioning and is therefore not allowing agents to complete their PDPs or accrue the required points through the E-Learning platform.

Whilst we urge you to continue trying to access the site, we recommend you take screen shots of all your attempts and the resulting error messages, as well as to keep a copy of your CPD proof of payment in order to avoid penalties after the deadline.

In addition, the EAAB finance department is experiencing a huge backlog in respect of allocating payments.  If you are unable to access your MyCPD at all, it could very well mean that your payment has not been linked, resulting in the platform not being available. Once again please ensure that you have proof of payment with the correct 7 digit reference number.

We have brought this to the attention of the EAAB so there is no need to write to us in this regard.

Rebosa has spent time at the EAAB this week assisting members with their CPD queries, however, due to the enormous backlog we currently cannot respond to everyone individually.  If you have written to us then your query is acknowledged and is receiving attention.

We are monitoring the process closely.

Kind regards



Rebosa 25 January 2018 Report

Dear Colleagues

You really can’t laugh this off

Please take note that you have until the end of this month to qualify for you CPD points in terms of the first 3-year rolling cycle.

Please see the notice below in this regard.


We have every reason to believe that the EAAB will follow through on this and that you will not be able to obtain a Fidelity Fund Certificate going forward should you not comply, on top of which there are penalties.

This is not about the perceived value of CPD or any other considerations.  The reason is to ensure that you remain in a position to trade as an estate agent.

Should you experience any difficulties in accessing the e-Learning platform on your MyCPD agent portal, we reiterate that you lodge a query on the online query system and send the reference number to us together with screenshots of any error messages, which will enable us to assist you after the deadline has passed.  

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