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Immediate Release:

07 June 2016

Message from the CEO of the Estate Agency Affairs Board

Firstly, my sincere condolences to the entire Lategan family who last week lost a mother, wife, daughter and friend to so many.  I don’t think any of us will ever fully understand the senseless tragedy that took place a week ago, but we pray that you find peace over the weeks and months to follow.

News of Hanle’s passing sent shockwaves through our office and the real estate industry at large and along with it much sadness and sorrow.  I think all of us have searched internally and come to realize just how precious life is. Over this past week we’ve also witnessed how one person has united people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

We, at the Estate Agency Affairs Board, will do everything in our power to raise awareness for the safety and well-being of all estate agents in South Africa so that this tragedy may never be repeated again and that Hanle’s passing will not have been in vain.

May her soul rest in peace.

Bryan Chaplog CA(SA)

CEO of Estate Agency Affairs Board


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