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Dear Colleagues

In accordance with the PP Act and Regulations all FIRMS (also Sole Proprietors) must submit BEE and Tax Clearance certificates when applying for FFCs.  It is therefore important to have these in place before 31 October. To prevent a bottleneck applications should actually be made wef 1July – hence obtaining these certificates is urgent.

Rebosa consulted with Labourwise Compliance Solutions and negotiated a preferential rate for Rebosa Members from Evasa Verification Agency as per the communications attached.

In order to obtain a B-BBEE certificate, Evasa requires certain statutory documentation and in accordance with the procedure prescribed by SANAS, they are required to conduct an on-site verification.

Step by Step Guide: Application for B-BBEE certificate

1.           Complete the application form attached hereto and email it to
2.           Once Evasa receive the application they will send a quote (based on the schedule above)
3.           Sign the quote and return by email to
4.           Prepare the required documents for the onsite visit

In order to qualify for the most affordable option it is advised that you begin the process immediately.

Please see correspondence below.




Please also note that this process is only necessary for firms with a turnover of more than R2,5m.

Any firm with an annual total turnover of less than R2,5 million are classified as Exempted Micro Enterprises.  These firms only have to complete an Affidavit and have it signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.  Once the Affidavit has been stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths, the Affidavit serves as a Level 4 B-BBEE certificate as no other verification is required.  The Affidavit can be downloaded from Rebosa’s website by accessing the link below.

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