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The PPRA has misinterpreted ‘Valid’ to mean ‘Compliant’ B-BBEE Certificates in the PP Act.  This misinterpretation, if allowed to stand, will lead to devastating consequences, and can cause up to 2 400 firms to shut down.  The ripple effects will be felt throughout the industry, affecting not only businesses but also the livelihoods of thousands of agents.

A legal challenge is unavoidable if PPRA does not change its stance.  It is essential to ensure that the legislation is correctly interpreted and fairly applied, protecting us from unwarranted closures and financial ruin.

Challenging the PPRA’s decision will incur considerable legal fees which will not be covered by membership fees alone.

To date, Rebosa has spent millions in attorney fees defending the industry in all matters including our last successful court case against the PPRA.

How You Can Help

Rebosa has started a legal fund.  Any donations big or small, will significantly impact our ability to fund this legal challenge.

Rebosa is a not-for-profit organisation.  All proceeds will go directly to the fund.

Share this message with other members of the real estate community.

If you have any resources or expertise that could assist our legal team, please reach out to us.

We are at a critical juncture, and your support can make a decisive difference.  Please consider making a donation today and join us in this vital effort to protect our collective future.  Every contribution counts.

Thank you for your attention and your support.

Donation Information

Donations can be Paid into Rebosa’s back account by EFT.

Bank: First National Bank
Account Holder : Rebosa
Account Number: 6233 6855 004
Branch: Vineyard Road
Universal Branch Code: 250 655

Reference: Rebosa Legal Fund followed by your name

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