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30 July 2015

From our origins as a private sales website we have had to work especially hard to convince you that we are a valuable marketing partner in this new digital age. We have made real strides across the real estate sector in recent years to build support and trust with you, our advertising clients.

This new partnership with Rebosa represents the culmination of all those efforts.  REBOSA represents the interest of small, medium and large South African business owners, principals and employers in the real estate sector. Their key focus is to unite, transform, uplift, empower and develop the real estate profession across all areas of the market, achieving an environment for business to thrive in and expand while contributing to a vibrant economy.

Private Property supports this vision and will work alongside REBOSA in various initiatives to make this a reality.   The first exciting initiative will be an effort to expand REBOSA membership nationally, as in any organisation the larger the representation the more effective its delivery can be. An exciting offer including REBOSA membership and online marketing is coming soon! We will keep you posted.

Mark Coetzee



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