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Private Property launches new Advice Centre

Issued by: Private Property | 26 Jun 2015 13:27

With a brand new addition to their website, Private Property has focussed on providing professional property information and news.

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Private Property has launched a brand new Advice Centre on their website. As the trusted property people, they have created a convenient place for the public to find answers to property related questions at the click of a button.  “A property website should be so much more than just property listings. How do I get a home loan? what should my sale agreement look like?, is this the right rental to charge my tenant? At Private Property we realise this type of information is as critical to people as finding the right property. So we set out to answer the question ‘What do you want to know?’ not just ‘Where do you want to live?'” says Private Property CEO, Simon Bray. With large images, easy to navigate headings and tips from the CEO himself, the Advice Centre is Private Property’s gift to the people – it’s free, professional advice on all things property related. Whether you’re a home owner, seller, buyer, tenant, or landlord, they can help you. Simon Bray sums up this launch by saying, “The new Advice Centre on Private Property is a huge resource of information including property advice, industry news, lifestyle trends and decor tips. We didn’t only craft useful content but we made sure the experience of discovering it was awesome too. Laptop, tablet or mobile you’ll be able to find great quality property advice in a rich and rewarding way.” “Knowledge is power,” as the saying goes, and Private Property want to help the public make the best property decisions. Now you can enlighten yourself on hundreds of topics, all in one place. Get informed and keep up to date on property news and trends, with Private Property, visit


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