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The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) is inviting suitable employers, stakeholders and interested parties to apply for discretionary grant funding.  These grants are intended to meet the sector needs as set out in the Sector Skills Plan (SSP), Strategic Plan and the priorities outlined in the National Skills Development Strategy III (NSDSIII).

The allocation of funds is intended for programmes and projects that improve the supply of qualified and competent people for scarce and critical skills.  Furthermore, it is also intended for programmes that include practical and theoretical components that are meaningful for the development of the individual and achieve substantial progress towards a qualification.

Finally, the allocation of funds is intended to provide external mentoring support and training for business owners and learners.

Find the 2016/17 Discretionary Grants Briefing Session document below:-

20160818_DG_Advert Briefing_Applyingfor SSETADG_All Provinces_v3

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