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South Africa’s Covid-19 Command Council (CCC) briefing on Thursday, 28 May detailed the final Level 3 Alert Level Regulations giving most of the country’s workforce the green light to start operating fully.

The Covid-19 Regulations do not expressly make it mandatory for the EAAB to open its offices however the EAAB is putting measures in place to ready itself for preparing for some EAAB employees to resume duty at the EAAB offices in order to continue with service delivery.  Some of such measures include  implementation of the proper health and safety protocols,  the appointment of a Covid-19 Compliance Officer, and setting up a Safety Plan to be inspected as needed, as detailed by the CCC.

Government is still advising that extreme caution be taken, especially in the country’s hotspots, and that health imperatives such as social distancing and the compulsory need for screening and wearing of masks continues to be strictly followed.

During the month of April and May, the EAAB made a concerted effort to equip identified employees to be able to work remotely to provide service to its stakeholders.  This will continue however, to further assist it is the intention of the EAAB to be able to allow some employees to return to the office on 08 June 2020 and others will continue to work remotely.

With real estate agencies and Property Practitioners being a vital link in the value chain of the property sector and valued stakeholders of the Estate Agency Affairs Board, the organisation intends making every effort during the first week of June to ensure adherence to strict health and safety protocols, and will ensure that the necessary measures are in place in the office based in Sandton, Johannesburg.

In order to do this, during the first week of June a Covid-19 Compliance Officer and Special Task Team have been assigned to ensure that in line with the new regulations that stipulate that businesses adhere to strict health and safety requirements, the EAAB will be putting all the necessary arrangements in place for the safety of both its internal and external stakeholders.

In addition to the Covid-19 Compliance Officer, two separate Task Teams have also been appointed to assist in the preparedness of the EAAB premises for the eventual full office operations and reopening to stakeholders namely a Covid-19 Building Readiness Task Team and a Covid-19 Policy Review Task Team.

IT IS TO BE NOTED – that the EAAB will not at this stage be opening its doors to the public or Property Practitioners on 08 June however, communications will be sent out and placed on the EAAB website advising the official date for reopening its doors. 

The EAAB would like to take this opportunity of assuring its stakeholders of their commitment to assist industry in continuing its service deliverables both with the intended skeleton staff that will be working possibly on a temporary rotation basis, as well as the continuation of employees working remotely.

The EAAB’s outsourced Call Centre has for the month of May been able to receive calls and assist stakeholders across the provinces, and it is most pleasing to report that over 4,000 Property Practitioners have already been in contact with the EAAB and their queries have been receiving attention.  This service albeit that for the time being will continue to operate remotely, stakeholders are welcome to call on 087 285 3222.

The regulator has made provisions for a core team of employees to work remotely to continue to offer the following services.

A more comprehensive plan will be provided on Thursday, 04 June to all stakeholders.  This will be placed on the EAAB’s website and sent via our bulk email platform.

For further information: EAAB Covid-19 Compliance Officer: Mr Oscar Mangole

Issued: EAAB Management

Date: 29 May 2020

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