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The Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) office is embarking on a reporting process as required by law.

Both the BBBEE Act notice 112 of 2007 (Gov Gazette 29617) clause no. and the constitution of PSCC compels and imposes the executive authority and responsibility on the PSCC to “compile annual reports on the state of BBBEE within the Property Sector based in relation to the transformational objectives set out in the Sector Code”. Pursuant to this, the PSCC will therefore collect and capture all scorecard data from Sampled Property Measured Entities for the period between 2016-2017.  

The above process is activated by the gazetting of both Property Sector Code in June 2012 & Amended Property Sector Code in June 2017. This is done in order to generate the required State of Transformation report.

This will also inform the basis of the annual report that must be submitted to the BBBEE Advisory Council, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Public works, as mandated by the conditions of gazetted property sector code.

Once this information has been collated, the PSCC will also be in a position to understand the current challenges and weaknesses that requires improvement in implementing the property scorecard.

The PSCC has undertaken to treat all information and certificates received with the outmost
confidentiality and will ensure that measures are put in place to preserve the integrity of the
study. All submitted BBBEE scorecards will be used only in consolidated form and never at
any instance will individual company information be used individually.

All BBBEE scorecards for 2016-2017 are to be submitted by e-mail to the PSCC, please ensure
that all addresses below are copied:-


NB: Please provide the BBBEE scorecard and back-end report, (not the BEE certificate that only indicates the recognition BEE level). It is important that you submit the back-end report which reflects sub-element scores for each of the seven codes.

The report is generated from the values acquired in the back-end report.

Please feel free to contact The Property Sector Charter Council  on Tel: 011 880 9918 should you require further information on this.

Issued by:-
Portia Tau-Sekati (Ms)
Chief Executive Officer
Property Sector Charter Council


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