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A big thank you to REBOSA and Clive Ashpol of EAAB for sorting out the problem with our CPD fees which although paid in early February 2016, were not allocated until End of May early June 2016. 

This was due to the fact that we did not insert our seven digit codes.

This has resulted in us not being able to book for any venues in Cape Town or Stellenbosch as they are all now full. We have mentioned this state of affairs on a number of occasions to REBOSA, EAAB and The Institute of Estate Agents. It is not satisfactory that EAAB have not allocated enough venues.

It should not be a case of first come first served – but that all should be catered for.

It is rather disappointing (and stressful!) that CPD venues issue has still not been resolved.  It is, indeed, a matter of extreme urgency for all agents who have to accumulate CPD points by the end of this year. It should also be treated as urgent by EAAB (who have, after all,  made it compulsory for us to have these points – but have not made it easy for us to do so) and all bodies who are supposed to represent us.  We now have 6 months left in the year and time is ticking by fast. This matter needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.

We know that we are a very small agency and of little concern for the powers that be, but this is a matter that probably concerns many other agents in the larger national companies as well.

Please can we ask for some answer to this problem

Lynne and James New


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