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Mr Themba Mthethwa, the former Chief Executive of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has been appointed as the Chief Ombud for the Community Scheme Ombud Service, reported  Angelique Ardé, in the Personal Finance  supplement to the Saturday  Star of 18 October 2014. ( See clipping attached hereto)

She also reported that the owners in Sectional Titles and other Community Schemes at last have a free dispute resolution mechanism, which is not correct. The service will require schemes to make  a contribution towards the running cost  and complainants will have to pay a fee for the adjudication of complaints. (Section 22 of the CSOS Act 9 of 2011)

Section 22 of the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act, 2011 (Act No. 9 of 2011)

22. Funds of Service

1) The funds of the Service consist of—

  1. a) money appropriated by Parliament;
  2. b) levies collected from community schemes with the approval of the Minister;
  3. c) fees for services rendered based on cost recovery”

She did report that the service is not yet fully operational and the Ombud gave no indication when it will be up and running.


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