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Dear Principal estate agents and Auditors

For the firms that have a February financial year-end and who have submitted audit reports via and also at our offices before the deadline of submission of 30 June 2014, please note that we are currently capturing the audit reports on our system and as soon as the report has been captured, you will receive an email confirmation from us.

For the principals or auditors that have submitted the audit reports via the MyEAAB portal on our website, you should have a received a confirmation of submission already via email.

Due the large volume of audit reports that we are currently processing at this time of the year, we will communicate with you issues (if any) of non-compliance noted on the submitted audit reports as and when we finalise the verification and anticipate this to be no later than 31 July 2014.

Please note that the Estate Agency Affairs Board introduced a platform for online submission of audit reports which requires either you as the Principal estate agent or your auditor to register on the MyEAAB portal on our website We request all Principal estate agents to encourage your auditor to submit the 2015 audit reports via this online portal.

The firms that have submitted their annual audit reports on or before the deadline date of 30 June, the EAAB would like to thank you for the timely submission of the 2014 audit report.

For the firms who have a February financial year-end but have missed the submission deadline of 30 June 2014, please request your auditors to register on MyEAAB portal on the EAAB website and submit the audit report online as soon as possible, however, it is to be noted that these submissions will be treated as late submissions and you will receive the relevant communication as and when we process the audit report.

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