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The CEO of the EAAB, Ms Mohlala, last week published a letter she addressed to Rebosa, on (see letter below).  Unfortunately she did not publish our response (see response below).



This happened as a result of our yearly feedback meetings to the industry on various matters.

For some reason – I suppose one can guess why – Ms Mohlala clearly anticipated something negative would come out of these meetings. Fact is, she was complemented during our meeting in Cape Town for making a positive difference.  Despite many outstanding queries/issues, we believed it best not to get into the detail and afford Ms Mohlala time to turn the ship around.

Then the one sided publication followed, putting Rebosa in a bad light. It is implied that Rebosa criticises the EAAB unfairly and without giving the EAAB a fair opportunity to respond. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We requested that our response be published as well but received no response.

One of the main activities of Rebosa since inception was and is to use whatever means available to ensure that the EAAB execute its responsibility by issuing FFC’s timeously.  In 2017 Rebosa had to go to the lengths of threatening legal action to ensure that FFC’s were issued before 31 December of that year, with marked success.

Sadly the lack of dedication and diligence of some EAAB officials (coupled with long ongoing system issues) left us with no alternative but to appoint a full time employee to do absolutely nothing else but use every available means, to ensure that those officials executed their duties.

A sad state of affairs when one considers that this has been going on for more than five years with more than 3000 thousand queries addressed last year.  This aside, I often direct emails to officials  addressing the more serious or complex issues, sometimes repeating same for months on end.  On a few occasions more than ten communications were sent to at least get a response and eventually a result.

It is however more disheartening when the CEO does not respond.  Since Ms Mohlala started in her position, we have addressed 9 letters to her and not a single response has been forthcoming to date.

Why the CEO decided to published a one sided view on the matter in hand, is quite unfortunate. From Rebosa’s perspective, we have always gone to great lengths to build this very important relationship and will continue to do so.








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