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Below, please find the EAAB annual performance plan as presented to the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements on 28 March 2017.

Highlights from the presentation include:  

  • The EAAB will ensure that 100% of the registered estate agents are fully qualified in terms of legislative requirements by the end of 2018/19
  • The EAAB will implement a wide range of measures to monitor compliance such as introduction of online self-assessments and evaluations, strengthening of the EAAB ‘enforcement capacity   to enforce the provision of the Act and strengthening audit compliance process.
  • EAAB will develop and implement programmes to accelerate the achievement of 30% participation of previously disadvantaged background in the Profession of Estate Agents
  • Implementation of a Research unit within EAAB to support transactional support function and gain an understanding of illegal trading Estate Agents.
  • Finalisation of Property practitioners Bill.


  • 95% of FFC issued to compliant new registered estate agents issued within 21 days
  • 90% of the renewal certificates issued to current and compliant estate agents within 5 days.


  • FFC renewals fee to increase by 36% except for interns to support transformation
  • FFC new registration fee to increase by 6% except for interns to support transformation
  • Income from exams to increase as examination deadline come closer;
  • Interest income estimated to increase by 7.48%;
  • Management fee to remain relatively constant;
  • Contributions from New Registrations are estimated to increase by 20%;
  • Agent interest estimated to increase by 12%;
  • Interest Income is budgeted at 7% on the expected capital investment of R70 million;

Top40 is expected to generate annual returns of 8% per annum on the capital investment of R350 million;

Click on the link below for the full EAAB 2017/18 Performance Plan.

170328EAAB Budget Forecast



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