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This serves to advise all estate agents who wish to undertake the upcoming Professional Designation Examination (PDE) scheduled to take place on the 25th February 2021, that enrolment for such is now open.  Enrolment is done strictly by completing the attached form and attaching the required documents as per the Enrolment Form which can be downloaded on the EAAB website

  1. Eligibility

The PDE is written by registered estate agents who are certificated against or exempted from completing the prescribed qualifications.

  • PDE 4 (this is an examination that must be written by eligible intern and non-principal estate agents). It is only meant for those who have been certificated against or exempted from completing the Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate (NQF 4). Interns must have also completed the compulsory 12 month internship period and submitted a logbook which has been approved by the EAAB in order for them to be able to enroll for the examination via the MyEAAB portal.
  • PDE 5 (this is an examination that must be written by eligible Principal estate agents). It is also meant only for those who have been certificated against or exempted from completing the National Certificate: Real Estate (NQF 5).
  • All qualifications or exemption letters/certificates must be attached to the completed enrolment form when it is sent to the EAAB.
  1. Venue-based Examination versus On-Line Examination

The EAAB is pleased to announce that all future examinations will be conducted strictly via the new online examination platform. Therefore there will no longer be venue-based examinations. All prospective examination candidates are therefore urged to enroll for the forthcoming examination scheduled to take place on the 25th February 2021 by completing the Enrolment Form which is available on the EAAB website, and make the necessary payment immediately to ensure that the EAAB generates the examination seat numbers and captures the candidate’s details in the new Online Examination system on time to avoid any delays in accessing the new system. In addition, all prospective examination candidates are urged to install Chrome if they will be using the Computers; otherwise the new online examination system is compatible with all Apple and Android devices.

The prospective examination candidates who enroll and make payments on or before 04 February 2021 will be provided with the necessary online examination information during February to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared to participate in the examination via the new On-line system. All examination candidates who are enrolled successfully for the examination will be provided with a link and Practice Examination by mid-February upon enrollment of all examination candidates to ensure that all examination candidates are thoroughly prepared and well acquainted with the new system.

  1. Summary of important rules for examination enrolment

3.1. Unless PDE enrollment via the MyEAAB Portal and payment is received prior to the examination date, no examination seat number will be allocated.  Estate agents who wish to enroll should therefore ensure that they first enroll for the examination and then make payment using the correct Unique Seven Digit Reference Number usually used for FFC payments.

3.2. For confirmation of Examination seat numbers, estate agents are requested to check the MyEAAB portal as these are issued automatically via the EAAB SAP system and populated against their system profile.

3.3. Examination results are released at least 8 weeks after the examination date and appeals must be lodged within 10 – 14 days of receiving results.

3.4. Examination results can be viewed through the MyEAAB On-Line Query Management portal.

3.5. Examination certificates for those who have passed are issued at least 60 – 90 days after the release of examination results.

3.6. Examination candidates who are not successful are allowed to lodge their appeal against the examination results by submitting their appeal and the required fee within 14 days of being informed of their results. The policy of the EAAB is that appeals received after the 14 days period will not be processed.

3.7. Examination candidates must allow sufficient time for a thorough preparation for the examination.  Therefore those wishing to undertake the examination are advised to ensure that they obtain the required study material from the EAAB prior to enrolling for the examination.

3.8. Examination duration is 4 hours and will be conducted strictly via the online system.

3.9. It is an open book examination.  Tips for the examination are available on the EAAB website (under Education – Professional Designation Examination).

3.10. Examination candidates are allowed to use calculators of any type, where required.

3.11. Examination candidates may use dictionaries, if required.


The EAAB wishes all examination candidates the best of luck!

Issued by: Estate Agency Affairs Board – Education and Training Department

04 January 2021


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