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For the past few years the EAAB has implemented a number of online systems aimed at ensuring that estate agents are able to transact and interact with EAAB through these online services. These projects include online submission of Audit Reports, MYCPD, MyEAAB, Online registrations and renewals, PrivySeal, etc. Further, now estate agents are also able to access and download their FFCs online immediately upon issue.  

While these projects have been launched successfully, it has led to the higher than expected increase in the network traffic as many estate agents and members of the public are now making use of our online facilities. This, thus, has resulted in some online transactions staying longer on the queue, which in turn affect the performance of the website and the portals. Although some estate agents experience difficulty in their transactions, many estate agents are able to transact. To date 32 347 FFCs, have been issued in respect of 2017 calendar year.

This represents 89% of all FFC when compared to the total number of FFCs that was issued for the 2016 calender year.

Our technicians are upgrading and optimising our current systems and infrastructure and the systems should be fully operational in due course. We encourage estate agents to continue using our website. A dedicated email address has been created to assist estate agents who are experiencing difficulty in using the website. Thus, should estate agents experience technical difficulty in using the website they are encouraged to submit their queries to

We also advise estate agents that EAAB now has self-service terminals at our offices in Sandton through which estate agents can access our online facilities.

Issued by:         The Estate Agency Affairs Board

Date:                 11 October 2016

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