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Principals of the selected estate agency firms for completion of self-assessment are urged  to log in on the MyEAAB Agents Portal, click on the “Self-assessment” link on the Portal and complete the questionnaire and attach/  upload supporting documents in  your possession.

In the event that you do not have all the supporting documents on or before 27 June 2019 the EAAB has resolved to grant you  an extension for submission  of supporting documents no later than 05 July 2019.

Please find below the answers to additional frequently asked questions.


  1. What do I do if the MyEAAB Agents Portal gives me an error message of “Mail failure – message too big”?

 You should remove some of the documents which exceed the size limit and submit the self-assessment without attaching these large documents. After successfully submitting the self-assessment, you should then email the documents that you did not attach to


  1. What is the size limit that the self-assessments link can handle?

 The maximum size of all documents that you should attached on the self-assessment link should not exceed 8 megabytes (8) in size. If your documents exceed 8 MB, you should not attach these documents but instead email them to soon after completing and successfully submitting the self-assessment.


  1. What do I do if the documents that I need to attach exceed the size limit?

 If your documents exceed 8MB, you should not attach these documents but instead email them to soon after completing and successfully submitting the self-assessment.


  1. I have mistakenly submitted the self-assessment without attaching all the required documents and the self-assessment link has now been locked for me to resubmit again, can you open the link again for me to submit the outstanding documents?

 In order to avoid duplicate submissions, the self-assessment link can not be reinstated once you have submitted. If you have mistakenly not attached the required documents, you should instead email the documents to


  1. What are the consequences of not completing the self-assessment questionnaire?

The EAAB reserves the right at its sole discretion to institute formal processes in terms of section 30(1)(d) and/or section 32(5) of the Estate Agency Affairs Act in instances where principals of estate agencies fail to complete the self-assessment questionnaire.


  1. What is the contact email address for enquiries relating to the self-assessments and for emailing documents that could not be attached on the Portal?

 All enquiries and additional documents relating to self-assessments should be emailed to

The EAAB remains committed to maintain and promote the standard of conduct of estate agents and the compliance assessment questionnaire will further assist the EAAB in fulfilling its legislative mandate.





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