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Dear PDE Candidate,

This is the first of the three emails that you will receive from EAAB and its Online Exam Partner in relation to the upcoming PDE scheduled to take place on the 19th August 2021. This email gives you important information to prepare you for your examination.

You have been successfully registered for the Professional Designation Examination taking place on the 19 August 2021, from 09h00 – 13h00.

The upcoming examination will be conducted through the new online exam platform, ExamOnline, provided by our partners Unisa Enterprises and Rekindle Learning. The EAAB will therefore NOT be conducting any venue-based examination and will also not expect examination candidates to make use of an Exam Seat Numbers that have been previously allocated. (Those who have already been issued with or sent the Exam Seat Numbers are advised to keep record of same as they will still be valid for our post examination processes.)

Exam Format

Exam Mode: Open-book (you may use notes and other additional study material)

Exam Duration: 4 hours (includes reading time)

Online Exam Rules:

  • You are required to be alone in a quiet room at your own private venue (there is no central venue)
  • The only devices permitted is the computer you are using to take the exam and an ordinary calculator
  • You may have up to 2 screens open during the exam
  • You must not speak to any person during the exam
  • You must not get any assistance from any person during the exam
  • All activity will be recorded and picked up by the in-built invigilation system
  • You must present your ID / Passport at the start of the exam for authorisation

Failure to adhere to the exam rules, may result in your exam session being terminated or a negative result post the exam.

Practice Exam

To ensure you do not face any technical challenges during your exam, you will be provided access to a Practice/Mock Exam.

A separate system-generated email with information about your Practice/Mock Exam will be sent. In case the email goes to your Spam filter, search for an email from ‘’.

You are required to login into your Practice/Mock Exams by 18th August 10.00am.

During your Practice/Mock Exam, you will be guided on the technical setup so that you do not need to do any technical setup on the day of the exam.

Minimum Technical Requirements

Your Computer:

  • Google Chrome Browser (latest version)
  • Functioning Webcam
  • Video and Sound Capabilities
  • Screen Resolution of your computer used must be a minimum of 1280×800

Your Internet Connection

  • Speed: 1 MBps
  • Data Usage: up to 500MB for a 4-hour exam

If your computer does not meet these minimum requirements, you will not be able to successfully complete your exam.


You are required to have your ID or Passport with you at the start of the exam. This must be the ID or Passport with the ID or Passport Number you have registered with.

You will be asked to take a picture of yourself and your ID or Passport to authorize your access to the Practice/Mock Exam as well as the Actual PDE Exam enrolled for.


All regulations in terms of POPIA will be observed and your data is protected.

What happens after I login?

The best way to understand the system, is to what this video: Guide to ExamOnline

In addition, you can Download this User Guide. You are welcome to print the user guide for easy reference.

For further support, contact us on the following:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +27 87 231 0249
  • Telephone: +27 87 231 0249

Issued by the Estate Agency Affairs Board
Date of re-issue: 17 August 2021 (this notification was first issued on 13 August 2021)


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