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The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) is excited to be partnering with Services SETA in delivering the Executive Development Programme (EDP). This programme aims to develop current and future leaders, and to promote the development of a network of empowered executives that can leverage each other’s experiences for the betterment of their own organisations’ strategic and operational sustainability. Information about the programme aims can be downloaded here (PDF).

Nominations are now open for participation in the Services SETA EDP, and you are invited to nominate suitable candidates from your organisation. Guidelines providing more information on timelines, costs and the selection process can be downloaded here. GIBS and Thornhill Associates have been retained to manage screening and selection, and we are delighted to be able to support the sector in this process.

The screening process will be managed through an online system. This email contains the information you need to begin making nominations. All the steps of the nomination process will be completed online. Please could you acknowledge receipt of this email so we have confirmation that you can nominate your candidates

To nominate candidates yourself, please go to and log in with the following information:

You will see there that you are able to view the progress of all your nominees. You are responsible for following up on your nominee’s application status so please use the login we have created for you to monitor progress. As this contains private and confidential information from your nominees, please do not give your log-in to anyone else. If you would like someone else from within your organisation to nominate candidates, there is a link that you can forward to them which will enable them to make nominations. This can be found in “Add nominees” section after you have logged in.

From this screen please also check your details are correct and update as needed. This will ensure smooth communication during the selection process.

The nomination process is quite involved, requiring nominees to complete an education and work history together with motivations. Nominees will also complete an online case study and be interviewed by a panel comprising GIBS and Services SETA representatives between 24 and 26 July 2019 at GIBS’ premises. Potential candidates who are not based in Johannesburg will be required to travel to Johannesburg at their own / company’s expense for the interviews. We therefore ask that you tightly control the nomination process, to ensure that only suitable candidates are nominated, as each nomination involves considerable work on your part. We would also recommend that you take steps to ensure that the line manager is aware of and supportive of this nomination. Please also try to adhere to the quota breakdown for the EDP: 85% of the candidates to be Black, 54% women and 4% people with disabilities.

The documents referenced above are also available for download using your login details.

Minimum requirements

For nomination to the EDP the candidate should be from the Services SETA sector and at minimum:

  • be currently in a senior management position with the potential to be appointed to executive position within 2-3 years,
  • have a commensurate area of responsibility including managing a function of a business or an area of work that delivers on the strategy of the organisation – must be responsible for delivery on key performance dimensions with budgetary and resource allocation independence,
  • have a direct impact on the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organisation and manage a large staff complement,
  • demonstrate the ability to apply management and leadership learning back in the workplace as determined by the admissions panel,
  • have a relevant qualification/training, a 3-year Bachelor’s degree/National Diploma/NQF-6, and at least 10 years work experience, of which 6 years should be at management level
  • with only a Grade 12/NQF-4, must have 10 years senior management experience, demonstrated developed capabilities in the areas of strategy, finance, marketing/sales, operations, leadership and people management, and completed various short courses/competency-based programmes.

Closing dates

NB: The closing date for nominations is 03 July 2019 after which no more nominations will be accepted. Nominees will have 5 more days in which to complete applications – the closing date for applications is Wednesday, 10 July 2019. By this date, your nominees need to have completed all the steps required of them (excluding the online case study analysis which will take place between 16 and 18 July 2019).

To give your nominees sufficient time, we suggest that you make your nominations as soon as possible.

This schedule and the dates of the programmes can be downloaded here (PDF).

We would like to ensure that the online system we have designed for the Services SETA EDP is as helpful and supportive as we can make it, so please do contact us if there is anything that you do not understand about the process, or if you can think of anything we can adjust to make it more useful, via email at Questions about the programme in general should be addressed to the GIBS-Services SETA Project Office.

Kind regards,
GIBS-ServicesSETA Project Office

This email was generated automatically from the server of Thornhill Associates. For technical information about the on-line administration of this process, please contact Thornhill Associates offer online feedback systems for assessment and development.

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