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Welcome to the EAAB Online Registration page for the issuing of Fidelity Fund Certificates.  MyEAAB is a web-based system permitting you, as an estate agent to:

  • Maintain your individual profile
  • Register and/ or renew your Fidelity Fund Certificate/s
  • Check your Fidelity Fund Certiicate staus
  • Check your Professional Education Examination (PDE) status and register for the examination, and so much more…

Before you continue with your transaction, please ensure you have read and understood the registration guideline below as this will assist in speeding up the processing and issuing of your Fidelity Fund Certificate.  

In order to register online you will require your “My EAAB Account” login details.  If you have never been issued with your login details, please do the following:

Step 1

Click on “New Estate Agents” only if you have never been an estate agent and are new to the industry and therefore have never been issued with a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate.

Click on “Existing Estate Agents” only if you are currently an estate agent registered with the EAAB and have been in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate.

Step 2

In the REGISTRATION page, please complete all fields accurately and in full for the information required and then clickon the  Register tab, e.g.

  • First and Surname
  • Cell number
  • ID number
  • E-mail address
  • Estate Agency Pin (this is the unique alphanumeric number available from your employer starting with “F”)

You will then receive an email containing your login and password details which you will use to login onto the“My EAAB Account”. On the “My EAAB Account” use your e-mail address that you registered with and the password provided and received from the EAAB via E-mail to login.

Step 3

Once you have logged in, the following is required:

Complete the rest of the application form for Fidelity Fund Certificate registration as required.
Attach or fax supporting documents to the EAAB via the web upload page
NB: Please, attach only the correct required documents on the upload page

Once the payment section has been completed, and your information has been varified and your application submitted, a payment confirmation will be sent to you via sms and e-mail.

Step 4

Make the required payments using the banking details that appear on the sent sms or e-mail.

Once the Fidelity Fund Certificate has been issued , an sms and an e-mail notification with the Fidelity Fund Certificate number will be sent to you.

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