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Issued by: The Services SETA Discretionary Grant Allocation Team


In recognition of the possible need for more time to respond to the recently closed period and submission of Discretionary Grant applications online, the Services SETA would like to inform applicants that the Discretionary Grant Funding window which closed on 21 November 2014 has been reopened and the deadline for submission extended to 5 December 2014.   Incomplete applications will be accessible and can be completed and new applications may be submitted within the extended period.

Please visit the Discretionary Grant application portal at or via the Services SETA website

Complete applications received as at 21 November 2014, will be evaluated and applicants should therefore not resubmit.

Please note that no further extensions will be granted for this funding window. Only complete applications as at midnight on 5 December 2014 will be evaluated.

All enquiries regarding the Discretionary Grant applications should be in writing and directed to the relevant Provincial Office.

The Services SETA Discretionary Grant Allocation Team

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