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Notice to all Estate Agents who are aged 60 years or older and who wish to apply for the grant of an educational exemption against the NQF real estate qualifications and/or the Professional Designation Examinations (PDE)

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) has, since August 2011, allowed estate agents aged 60 years and older the opportunity to apply for the grant of an educational exemption against the NQF Level 4 and/or 5 real estate qualifications as well as against the Professional Designation Examinations (PDE) for principal or non-principal estate agents, as the case may be.

Estate agents are advised that this latitude will, however, cease as from 30 June 2015. Estate agents who qualify for the grant of the age-based educational exemption and who have either not yet applied for the exemption or been granted the exemption have a final opportunity to apply therefor by no later than 31 May 2015. This cut-off date will afford all applicants the opportunity of both submitting the necessary application for exemption, having the same duly assessed and of being interviewed by 30 June 2015 as required by the relevant policy.

To qualify for the grant of the age-based exemption applicants must:

  • be aged 60 years or older;
  • have held a valid fidelity fund certificate for a period of at least five years;
  • currently hold a valid fidelity fund certificate; and
  • have no infractions registered against their name at the EAAB

Applications, under cover of a letter addressed by the applicant to the EAAB and indicating the nature of the educational exemption that is being sought, must be accompanied by a Portfolio of Evidence containing the undermentioned documentation:

Administration documents

  • a certified copy of the applicant’s identity document;
  • a certified copy of any certificates of achievement that have been awarded to the applicant; and
  • a certified copy of any certificates of competence (such as, for instance, a matriculation certificate or certificates received in respect of courses and/or seminars and/or workshops that may have been attended) that may be relevant to the assessment of the application.

Workplace evidence (to be based on at least one property that has recently been marketed for sale, and sold, and at least one property that has recently been let)

  • Evidence as to how the applicant goes about canvassing for properties to market for sale or to let including, for example, examples of canvassing letters, pamphlets and advertisements, photographs of bill boards used and so forth,
  • Evidence indicating the procedure adopted by the applicant when determining an initial sales, or rental, price for the property such as, for instance, the use of a comparative marketing analysis,
  • Policy for the granting of exemption for practicing estate agents who are 60 years or older references to recent sales of similar properties in the area, property inspections and so forth.
  • Evidence of the way in which the size of properties is determined to be accompanied by a floor plan of a recently marketed property, whether an architectural plan or a hand drawn one.
  • Evidence showing the manner in which the applicant communicates with clients, whether sellers and/or landlords.
  • A copy of the sole mandate selling and letting document used by the applicant and recently signed by a seller and /or landlord is required.
  • A copy of the marketing plan that is usually used by the applicant is required. This plan should indicate, amongst others, how show days are to be scheduled and held, what advertisement will be placed for the property in question and which media will be used, interactions with the client and so forth.
  • Evidence as to the way in which a property that was recently sold or let by the applicant was actually marketed such as, for example, by the use of newspaper advertisements, marketing pamphlets and flyers, business cards and so forth.
  • The applicant is required to furnish a comprehensive report on the applicant’s daily work activities including attending meetings, canvassing, listing properties, marketing properties for sale and/or to let and on the interactions that the applicants has with members of the public, consumers and stakeholders.
  • The applicant must furnish a report on negotiating strategies adopted with clients, consumers and stakeholders. How are problems resolved and how is consensus sought and obtained?
  • Policy for the granting of exemption for practicing estate agents who are 60 years or older
  • A copy of at least three actual contracts completed by the applicants and signed by the parties, including all documentation relevant to the contracts in question, is required. At least one such contract must be in respect of a lease agreement concluded.
  • The applicant must submit a flow diagram indicating all activities undertaken from the time a contract of sale is concluded between the parties until the property is registered into the name of the purchaser. All documentation relevant to the process must be indicated and a copy of each such document must also be provided.
  • The applicant must indicate, in a signed statement, that the applicant has read and fully understands the Code of Conduct for Estate Agents and that the applicant will abide by the provisions of the Code of Conduct. (Applicants will be questioned as to their understanding of certain provisions of the Code of Conduct).

The applicant must provide a summary of the main legislative acts that the applicant believes that estate agents must be aware and, in addition, provide an indication of the implication of the relevant legislation on estate agents. (Applicants will be questioned regarding their choice of legislation while questions will also be posed on other legislation that may, perhaps, have been omitted by applicants).

IMPORTANT: Applicants who have recently been certificated against the NQF Level 4 and/or real estate qualifications and who still have access to a copy of their Portfolio of Evidence may submit that Portfolio of Evidence, together with a a copy of the certificate of competence, identity document and signed commitment to adhere to the ethical prescripts of the Code of Conduct for Estate Agents, which comprise part of the required Portfolio of Evidence.  

All age-based educational exemption applications and Portfolios of Evidence must be hand-delivered or couriered to:

Attention: Ms Lungile Mntambo

The Estate Agency Affairs Board

63 Wierda Road East, Wierda Valley, SANDTON

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