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This correspondence serves to communicate the procedures of requesting and obtaining postponements for those who failed to write the exams for whatever reason after having enrolled/registered and paid.

It is a requirement that an examination postponement be requested and approved by the PPRA. A postponement request should be in writing with supporting documents and valid reasons for requesting a postponement at least 14 days before the date of the examination.

Stakeholders are reminded that there’s no automatic postponement available and therefore failure to request an examination postponement will result in forfeiture of exam fees paid. It is therefore the request of the PPRA that those who failed to request postponement for the exams conducted in April 2023 and May 2023 are urged to communicate their request and reasons for not writing the exam (with supporting documents) by emailing to This also applies to all future examination/s postponements.

An important consideration: A postponement is not allowed for those who are affected by 30 June 2023 compliance deadline and disqualification rules will apply.

Post-postponement procedures and enrolment procedures to the next scheduled examination:

Stakeholders are reminded that once a postponement request is made and approved, this doesn’t amount to automatic enrolment into the next scheduled examination. The postponement requester must enroll/register again for the next scheduled examination accordingly and send the enrolment/registration confirmation with the previous exam payment proof to for linking the two in order for an exam seat number to be timeously allocated. Where the fee has increased the postponement request and approval, a top-up payment proof must also be attached.

The link below and/or policy document attached supports the contents of this notice.


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