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We would like to advise that a new procedure regarding the payment of arrear amounts owing to the PPRA by property practitioners, has been implemented.
Property Practitioners who owe the PPRA arrear penalties, fees and other amounts, and who qualify for the payment plan, may be assisted to complete such plan and commence payment in terms thereof. This will allow them to re-register with the PPRA and obtain an FFC, upon agreed conditions.

Such Property Practitioners may come into the offices of the PPRA and obtain assistance from the registrations department who will assist them to resolve arrear payment matters, in conjunction with the debt and recoveries department. Property Practitioners may also email the debt and recoveries department directly to apply for a payment plan to settle arrear amounts. Such emails should be sent to:

Alternatively, Property Practitioners may log a query on the PPRA website for the attention of the finance department.

Kindly note that Property Practitioners who sign a payment plan which is accepted and approved by the PPRA, will be required to pay an initial instalment on signature of the agreement by the practitioner. Any Property Practitioner who is applying for re-registration and / or the issuing of an FFC, will be required to pay the usual re-registration fee or FFC fee.

Property Practitioners who owe arrears on CPD amounts, will also be able to access the CPD portal in order to complete their learning modules, on acceptance by the PPRA of their payment plan, and payment of the initial instalment, along with any current fees owing.

We trust that this will assist Property Practitioners who wish to return to the industry and become compliant, but are unable to settle arrear amounts due, in full.


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