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The Press release dated June 30, 2011: EAAB grants estate agents qualification and PDE exemption for over 60’s deals with the resolution and policy approved by the EAAB Board for the grant of exemption and process that must be followed by interested and qualifying estate agents who are aged 60 years and above.

The fee payable to the EAAB for the consideration and assessment of each individual application (portfolio of evidence) and for consideration into the interview phase is the sum of R1600, 00 effective from 01 April 2015.

If the applicant is a registered estate agent holding a valid fidelity fund certificate, and meeting the policy criteria and upon submission of a compliant portfolio of evidence as per policy requirements, must pay the above-mentioned fee into the following bank account, namely:

Upon receipt of the portfolio of evidence, regarded as an application for the exemption, the relevant Education and Training official will assess the portfolio for compliance and ensure the paid fee is processed prior to inviting the applicant for an interview. Once the applicant has been invited for such an interview, it is incumbent upon the applicant to confirm and attend the scheduled interview as per invitation. It should be noted that in view of the set deadline for qualifications compliance, the EAAB will be conducting the interviews as per set schedule currently on the website and no applicant will be accommodated thereafter. No confirmation and pitch at the interview venue will result in the forfeiture of the paid fee.

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The Education and Training Department

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