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This serves to advise all estate agents who wrote the Professional Designation Examination (PDE) in November that results are now available on the My EAAB online portal available on

Certificates for those who have passed are being printed and will be sent by no later than the end of February 2019.  

Estate agents who did not pass the examination are advised of the following PDE examination dates for 2019/2020. Venues will be available on 02 January when the online portal is open for enrolment.

Examination Date System opens for examination enrolment Enrolment and payment closing date for examination enrolment
07 February 2019 02 January 2019 24 January 2019
23 May 2019 01 April 2019 03 May 2019
22 Aug 2019 08 July 2019 09 August 2019
21 Nov 2019 07 October 2019 08 November 2019
5 March 2020 13 January 2020 21 February 2020


Unless PDE enrolment and payment is received prior to the examination date, no examination seat number will be allocated. Estate Agents who wish to enrol should therefore ensure that they first enrol for the examination when the system is open for enrolment and then make payment, using the correct Unique seven digit reference usually used for an FFC payment.

In order to enrol for the examination either NQF 4/5 must have been received and updated on the EAAB system.  Therefore those who have not yet updated their education status are urged to do so via the MyEAAB online portal by selecting the Online Query option and uploading the required documents.

Examination results are released at least 8 weeks after the examination date and appeals must be lodged within 10 days of receiving results.  Results can be viewed via the MyEAAB online portal.

Estate Agents are advised to ensure that they obtain the required study material from the EAAB prior to enrolling for the examination.




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