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Hi Russell

It seems as if the  publication of the new Property Practitioners’ Bill (PPB) has been delayed.  This new law was expected to replace the Estate Agency Affairs Board with the Property Practitioners’ Regulatory authority and to bring home inspectors under the same umbrella as estate agents in terms of legislative control.

Our CEO, John Graham, penned a blog post about this non development which was picked up by some of the national press.   Here is the link to his blogpost.  I, of course, welcome your views.


Isak Els


Hi Isak

As you know, I fully support the notion that a buyer of property should obtain professional advice and/ or to undertake a professional inspection of the property.

Our agreement of sale is clear in this regard. As you know, we insert your pamphlets in to our presentation packs as a matter of course. I have also made countless offers to you regarding marketing your services and expertise by way of joint newspaper advertising/ marketing campaigns, in which we would even be prepared to contribute to your fees on behalf of our clients, an option which you have been reluctant to take up. The offer still stands.

I have noticed this before and I notice it again right now, that in your paraphernalia/ emails/ website, your company tends to make negative inferences regarding estate agents. Now before you tell me that estate agents are your best supporters, nonetheless, I think that you should be more aware of engaging estate agents rather than alienating them when they don’t immediately tow your subjective line. One could make the argument that you could not possibly be unbiased about the delay of the Property Practitioners’ Bill, for the reason that your company and your industry has everything to gain financially from such a law being passed.

I was not aware that you are in anyway associated with the Estate Agency Affairs Board to the extent that your link in the email below suggests. The use of the EAAB’s name and logo in the manner that it has been used gives a false impression at first glance that on the one hand you are endorsed by the government regulator, whilst on the other hand implying that you equate cheats with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and estate agents in general.

All of this has absolutely nothing to do with the recent verbose report that you did for a buyer of ours regarding an apartment in Killarney Johannesburg, which amongst other things magnified flaking paint on the window frames to such an extent, and sewed so many doubts in the mind of the buyer that it did contribute to the deal collapsing (64 Daventry Court), but not before you collected your professional fee I’m sure.

So by all means carry on the good fight, you still have my support and I am sure that of most of the real estate profession. If you want to get the agents on your side and you want their support, have you perhaps considered approaching REBOSA- Real Estate Business Owners Of South Africa, whose very purpose is to promote and advance the real estate sector.

That’s it, you have my views.

Kind regards


Russell Fisher Properties


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