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Dear Colleagues

As the end of the year draws to a close I need to alert you to some housekeeping issues.  You have only 7 days left to renew your 2017 FFCs and 2 months to acquire your 15 verifiable CPD points.  As I’ve reiterated, once you are found uncompliant and dropped from the EAAB system it is extremely onerous to get you back on, aside from the penalties and fines you will have to pay.  

This being said, I have again managed to arrange for Adrianne and Fiona to spend 2 days with all EAAB departments resolving your long outstanding queries.  We were given this opportunity in June of this year, which as many of you will attest, was met with great success.  In two days we managed to sort out 285 member queries and we hope to accomplish the same in November.

In this regard we ask you to email Fiona on with any issues you are still experiencing by no later than 31 October.  Please be specific with all your queries and attach all supporting documentation, email trails and you must please include your full name, company name and EAAB 7 digit reference number.  Without this information it will not be possible for us to assist.

It has been a busy month for Rebosa and I invite you to read further to familiarise yourselves with the new CSOS and STSMA Acts and other industry happenings.

Again, I would like to thank you for your constant and unwavering support of our organisation.

Kind regards

Fidelity Fund Certificates

Please remember to renew your FFCs for 2017 before the 31 October deadline.  As you are aware the EAAB website has difficulty handling large volumes of traffic and you are well advised to renew before the end of the month to avoid system failures.

Intern Log Books

The EAAB have updated the Intern Log Book Manual.  Click here to access the revised Log Book guidelines.

Community Schemes Ombud Services Act Regulations and the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act and Regulations

On 7 October 2016, the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act, No 9 of 2011 (Act) was brought into force.

To help unpack the STSMA and CSOS Regulations, following please find a document with introductory comments prepared for Rebosa members by Maryna Botha, Senior Associate at STBB.

Introductory comments on the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act – STBB

Please visit Rebosa’s website ( to download the following documents relating to the CSOS and STSMA regulations:-

Advisory Note Publication of STSMA and CSOS Regulations
Signed CSOS Regulations
Signed STSMA Regulations
Schedule of Levies and Fees
Levy Calculator
Form CS1 (Registration of Community Schemes)

Information Session on the new Community Schemes Ombud Services Act Regulations and the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act and Regulations

Nama will be hosting an information session on these two Acts on 12 November 2016 in Pretoria.  Click here to view invite.


Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Issue Paper on Guidance Required to Implement the FIC Amendment Act

Rebosa have made a submission to the FIC to issue guidelines that are specific to the “Real Estate Industry” in respect of  “The Issue Paper on Guidance Required to Implement the Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act, 2016”

We have specifically called on the FIC to issue industry specific guidelines that address strategies to assess the risk on each individual client by providing us with a “tick box” approach as we realise it will be an onerous and time consuming obligation for many of the small independent estate agencies and one man businesses to assess the risk of each client individually.

We have also called on them to NOT  withdraw Exemption 2 (PUBLIC COMPLIANCE COMMUNICATION No.10 (PCC 10) THE CLIENT OF AN ESTATE AGENT) which relates to establishing and verifying the identity of client only upon concluding the sale or lease agreement.

The FIC have welcomed our comments and are reviewing same.


The EAAB have assured us that all technical problems relating to uploading PrivySeal have been rectified.  In addition Rebosa requested for the CPD compliant element to be removed from the PrivySeal Certificate and this has been actioned.  Similarly the option of communication between agent and client via PrivySeal was negated.  If you have not already added PrivySeal to your email signatures we would encourage you to do so.

Professional Designation Examination (PDE) POLICY, Eligibility Criteria and Status Upgrade Process

Visit Rebosa’s website ( to find a communication from the EAAB outlining the eligibility criteria for undertaking the PDE exam.

DITASA Learners (NQF 4 and 5)

As you are aware Services SETA has procured the services of an accredited skills development provider (CHARTALL Business College) to assist and support all the learners who were enrolled by DITASA on the abovementioned qualifications.  The handover has now taken place and CHARTALL are in possession of the database of all learners who qualify for this dispensation.  If you are one of the affected learners and have still not been contacted please send your information to

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