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Dear Colleagues

Welcome to our July report.

We are very pleased to announce that there is finally a rescue plan in place for all agents who were affected by the SSETA – DITASA dispute.  Please find all the information below.

Together with some of our members we have been piloting the EAAB’s PrivySeal initiative and we urge you to participate as soon as possible.  We’ve attached all the relevant documentation to this report and provided you with the necessary contact information should you require assistance.

We are also pleased to report that the Minister of Human Settlements has appointed the new EAAB board who will hold office for the next 3 years.  We congratulate all these new Board Members and wish them every success going forward.

I would again like to thank you all for your continued support.  Our industry is currently dealing with a host of regulatory changes that will result in a significant shift in how agents operate.  Our need to work harder on our members’ mandate is crucial.  In a short time Rebosa has become a recognised and trusted contributor and continues to play a major role within the industry.  More and more we are invited to participate and provide commentary on industry issues, which confirms our mission that we can achieve so much more collectively than we can do individually.   So again, thank you for your membership and the important contribution you are making to the industry.

Kind regards

EAAB Launch of PrivySeal – A Consumer Protection Initiative

A number of REBOSA members participated in the testing phase of this new initiative which is being implemented by the EAAB.  We are still in the process of providing feedback on this pilot phase.

We advise you to participate in this project as soon as possible and communicate whatever difficulties you may experience in the process.  We will collate your responses and forward them to the EAAB to assist with its successful implementation.

Although a deadline of 31 July was recently announced on the EAAB website, please do not worry unduly, as we not believe that your registration renewal will be affected negatively, more so that technical problems are still being ironed out.  We do however, advise that you cooperate as soon as possible.  The project will contribute to consumer protection and deserves support.

You can contact us with problems you may encounter on

Following, please find all information to get you started.


PrivySeal (Pty) Ltd Getting Started Guide for the Estate Agency Affairs Board


For further information on PrivySeal, please contact:-

Mr Tumiso Motsepe
Email address 
Tel No: 010 593 2626 Ext 2229


Mr Stephen Logan
Email Address :
Tel No. : 011 201 2207

SSETA – DITASA Rescue Plan

Following consultation with SSETA’s Quality Management Division, we are pleased to announce that an agreement between SSETA and DITASA has been reached in respect of DITASA’s deregistration as a service provider for the NQF 4 / NQF 5 qualifications.

A rescue plan will be implemented whereby SSETA has secured the services of an accredited training provider to facilitate the process of exiting learners and ensuring that they all complete their qualifications.

REBOSA recently sent out an SMS calling on all members who were previously registered with DITASA for NQF 4/5 to come forward and provide us with their details in order for us to assist with the smooth handover of the rescue plan.

The SSETA met with the new training provider on the 22nd of July to hand over the list of the learners and their PoE’s in order for the project to start.   Prior to this meeting REBOSA provided SSETA with a schedule of learners that had been affected from the responses received from our communications.

The SSETA is currently preparing communications for all the learners affected to notify them how they propose moving forward with this matter.  Learners will be contacted by the provider in the next two to three weeks after they have submitted their project plan to the SSETA.   SSETA have assured us that the training provider has been given strict instructions to move fast with the project and ensure that it is finalised before the end of March in 2017.   They are also working very closely with the EAAB in ensuring that all these learners are not affected negatively in the process.

We believe 1600 previous DITASA learners have been accommodated and will have the opportunity to finalise their NQF4/5 qualifications at exactly the point they left off with DITASA, and at no additional cost.

If you are a previous DITASA Learner and have been affected by their de-registration, and you have NOT already contacted us, we urge you to do so immediately.

We also attach for your perusal, the latest communication that has been disseminated in this regard.

We have a running schedule of all members who have been affected so if you have already contacted us in this regard, please do NOT resend your information.  We are only appealing to those members who have not made contact with us to date.  Please email your Full Name, Company Name, Contact Information and ID Number to

Please also note that we only have capacity to act as facilitators and cannot provide additional information as to where you currently are in the system, who has been found competent or not competent and where individual’s log books are currently housed.

This being said, the SSETA have confirmed their willingness to work with us to ensure that no learner is negatively affected by the process going forward.

Please also respect that until such time as we successfully complete this handover process we are unable to deal with queries relating to service providers other than DITASA.

REBOSA are cognisant of the backlog and delays you are all experiencing in obtaining the NQF 4/5 qualification and this is receiving our attention.  We are in contact with SSETA’s newly appointed CEO and will report back as soon as we have further clarity.

FFC Renewal

Members please take note that that the renewal period for the 2017 Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFCs) will commence on 1 August 2016 and close on 31 October 2016.  Any payment of the renewal fee for 2017 FFCs made after 31 October 2016 will attract the monthly penalty for late renewal.

Again, we urge you not to wait until October to renew so as to avoid bottlenecks and the inevitable failure of the EAAB IT systems when they are overloaded.

With effect from 1 August 2016, the sole manner of renewing FFCs will be through the MyEAAB Agents Portal, accessible through the EAAB website via the link

When making payment please ensure you only use your personal 7 digit EAAB number as reference.

Following is the new fees schedule for your ease of reference.



Audit Reports

Those members who have not managed to submit their audit reports by 30 June 2016 due to the EAAB website being down over that period are requested to send us proof of failure to submit by sending us screenshots of attempts made so that we can intervene on your behalf.

FIC and goAML

We are still receiving numerous queries from members who have not been able to successfully obtain their ORG ID numbers.

We again attach a guide 160623 Revised goAML Notice 01 To Existing Registrants who need to file a report (1) which we hope will assist and also advise you to try the following:-

Click on the link below

Go to the top right hand side and click “REGISTER”


Complete the form and fill in new passwords and user names.

Once you submit you will get a reference number.  Once you have that reference number you should be able to query your application.

EAAB Board Notice

The Minister of Human Settlements, Ms Lindiwe Sisulu, appointed 15 Non- Executive members to serve on the Board of the Estate Agency Affairs Board for a period of three years with effect from   06 July 2016 to 05 July 2019.

These members are appointed in terms of Section 3 of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, 1976 (Act No.
112 of 1976).

The names of the appointed members are listed below:

1. Mr Yusuf Patel
2. Ms Xoliswa Florence Eugenia Kula -Ameyaw (nee Gyarko)
3. Mr Nkosinathi Biko
4. Ms Amanda Zolisa Cuba
5. Ms Jill Corfield
6. Mr Johannes Frederick Davel
7. Ambassador Thandiwe Slyvia January- McLean
8. Mr Manare Jeoffrey Legodi
9. Mr Phumzile Peterson Makhosana
10. Rev. David Gauta Mogomane
11. Ms Viloshnee Naidoo
12. Ms Mmatlou Hellen Phaleng -Podile
13. Ms Thembeka Semane
14. Advocate Frans Johannes Van der Westhuizen
15. Mr Christoffel Willem Weilbach

REBOSA Equality Pledge

This serves as a further reminder to sign the REBOSA Equality Pledge if you have not done so already.  The pledge can be accessed on our website and completed electronically.  Your support in this regard is enormously appreciated.

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