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Dear Colleagues

CPD Deadline

As you are aware, the deadline for the CPD 3-year rolling cycle is tomorrow 31 January 2017.

As we predicted, the EAAB system can now not cope with the demand.  The MyCPD portal is not functioning and is therefore not allowing agents to complete their PDPs or accrue the required points through the E-Learning platform.

Whilst we urge you to continue trying to access the site, we recommend you take screen shots of all your attempts and the resulting error messages, as well as to keep a copy of your CPD proof of payment in order to avoid penalties after the deadline.

In addition, the EAAB finance department is experiencing a huge backlog in respect of allocating payments.  If you are unable to access your MyCPD at all, it could very well mean that your payment has not been linked, resulting in the platform not being available. Once again please ensure that you have proof of payment with the correct 7 digit reference number.

We have brought this to the attention of the EAAB so there is no need to write to us in this regard.

Rebosa has spent time at the EAAB this week assisting members with their CPD queries, however, due to the enormous backlog we currently cannot respond to everyone individually.  If you have written to us then your query is acknowledged and is receiving attention.

We are monitoring the process closely.

Kind regards



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