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The South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) will continue to fund the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) to the tune of around R250,000 a year for an additional three-year period.

The intention of this ongoing strategic partnership is to collaborate in fostering a common goal and vision in addressing the issue of and promoting transformation within the property industry.  

Transformation Charter

The Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) is an association that commits itself to the implementation of the Transformation Charter. It strivess for transformed property relations in South Africa and to promote a vibrant and growing property sector that reflects South Africa as a whole, contributing towards the development and establishment of an equitable society.

Both SAPOA and PSCC highlighted the importance of transformation within the property industry.

SAPOA CEO Neil Gopal acknowledged the importance of this partnership with PSCC. “One of the strategic pillars that SAPOA has identified is the need to drive transformation in the industry. The initiation in 2004 of the charter process and signing of this recent MoU signifies our commitment towards transformation. It is important for us as an organisation to ensure that the PSCC is well funded, that it runs effectively and efficiently and that the issue of transformation is top of the agenda always. So, having a long-term funding commitment gives us both a bit of certainty as to where issues of transformation are going at least three years in advance,” he says.

Formal structure in place

Portia Tau-Sekati, CEO of PSCC, echoed the same sentiments. “We have always worked very well with SAPOA. The significance of this MoU is that there is a formal structure that we will adhere to, enabling us to drive transformation together, giving us some structure in terms of how that can be done and achieved. There are a lot of entities that are doing their bit in driving transformation but together we can achieve way more than the individual components of a whole,” Tau-Sekati adds.

SAPOA has signed several such MoU’s with various organisations. These working relationships, according to Gopal, are important within the property industry, as they not only benefit SAPOA members but also enable combined strategy and the pooling of resources.


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