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19 November 2015

The Minister of Higher Education and Training in 2010, for a period 2011 to 2016. The Services SETA is responsible for skills development in the services sector.

The Services SETA is undertaking an exercise to identify, address, and eliminate, outstanding applications, received in respect of:

Skills Development Providers awaiting External moderation dates;

  1. Outstanding certifications and statements of results
  2. All candidates who have submitted applications for registration of assessor and moderator;
  3. Skills development providers who applied for accreditation;
  4. Artisans trade test certificates.

The Services SETA thus calls upon applicants who have submitted applications (during the period March 2000 until 30 April 2015) in respect of any of the above, or who have been trade tested at various Services SETA centres (also during the period March 2000 until 30 April 2015), but have yet to receive any feedback to kindly follow the link and to log their issues there.

Please note respondents have a Limited Number of days, since the date of this correspondence, to log issues on the website.

In anticipation of your response, thank you.

Yours sincerely

Thandi Mkhize
QMD Senior Manager
Services SETA

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