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EAAB IT System

As you are aware, the EAAB’s IT system has had serious challenges over the past weeks which has had a direct impact on our ability to resolve many of your queries.

Consequently we have taken the matter up with the EAAB Board and are pleased to announce that the Deputy Chair, Mr Yusuf Patel, has prioritised our concerns and asked the management to provide him with a progress report on the steps taken to deal with the challenges.  

Following is the response we received following our communications with him.

“A special EAAB Board meeting was convened on Wednesday to address the IT challenges. The serious challenges with the IT system and frustrations of members and users were noted. The feedback from EAAB management is that three critical elements have been addressed which will assist with overcoming IT system issues.

Firstly, the SAP server has been relocated to a more reliable platform as of 1 September 2017. Secondly, the SAP application has been upgraded to the latest version. Thirdly, a diagnosis by an ICT expert will be undertaken on an urgent basis which will inform further short-term steps and actions.

Finally, for the longer term, we will be looking into a more comprehensive IT strategy that responds to the growing needs as well as ensuring a proper modernised system supported by sound human interface processes – one that is robust and reliable taking into account the scale and increasing information traffic that has to be managed.”

Rebosa will continue to follow up in this regard and notify you of any further developments.

It Won’t Happen This Year

Despite all the activity around the Property Practitioners Bill and efforts in amending/replacing the current legislation, which process began in 2006/2007, we unfortunately have to report that it still won’t happen this year.

We attended a meeting for the report back on the “Bill” by the Department of Human Settlements to the Parliamentary Committee on 5 September.  It was reported that comments had been  received on the Bill (ours as well, we trust) and that an amended Bill will be forwarded to Cabinet in “four weeks”, i.e. before middle October.  After this date, provided Cabinet approves, this will come back to Parliament.  It impossible for it to come to any fruition in 2017.

We will keep you posted.

Guidance on the Implementation of New Measures to be Introduced by the FIC AMENDMENT ACT, 2017

2 October 2017 is the commencement date for the FIC Amendment Act.  The full implementation of the new provisions will take time, even after the commencement of relevant provisions and the Financial Intelligence Centre understand that a transitional period is required to achieve full compliance with the FIC Amendment Act, even after the law takes effect.

This will heavily impact all agents.

Rebosa have consulted its legal team who are currently unpacking the “ACT” and providing us with clarity and guidelines going forward.

We will also be meeting with the authorities in October.

Following all these consultations, we will provide you with guidelines and templates to assist you with the implementation of the new “ACT”.

SSETA Discretionary Grant

This is a further reminder that the application window for Discretionary Grant funding will close on 19 September 2017 at 4:00 pm.

For further information visit our website or

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