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Should you have become disqualified as an estate agent due to your failure to comply with the prescribed standard of training, the EAAB is presently not able to issue a fidelity fund certificate to you for the 2019 calendar year. You can, though, remediate the CPD non-compliance by making an application to the EAAB in terms of the proviso to section 27 of the Estate Agency Affairs Act.

If you wish to make such an application you should immediately access the Online Query Management System on the EAAB estate agent’s portal ( Once you have accessed the portal please select “Section 27/CPD disqualification” from the dropdown menu that will appear on the OQMS. Doing so allows you to submit an application to the EAAB to remediate the CPD non-compliance.   

After you have selected “Section 27/CPD disqualification” from the dropdown menu you must then type in the nature of your query. In the present case you would, for example, type “I wish to find out how to remediate my CPD non-compliance for the 2015 to 2017 CPD cycle”. When you have typed in the query send it to the EAAB.

When the query is received by the EAAB it will be forwarded to a CPD Disqualifications Administrator. That Administrator will contact you to advise you how to lodge your remediation application. Any questions and queries that you might have in this regard should be submitted to the Disqualifications Department in the same way.


I do hope that this assists


Issued by:       The Education and Training Department

                        Estate Agency Affairs Board

Date:               19 September 2018


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