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IN LATEST PUBLIC COMPLIANCE COMMUNICATION The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) has issued Public Compliance Communication No 34, 160308 PCC34 Final Approved, which allows accountable and reporting institutions not registered as at 7 March 2016, to contact the FIC to obtain temporary login credentials.

This will allow these institutions to submit a report to the FIC.  

Using the temporary login credentials, accountable and reporting institutions will be able to submit the following reports to the FIC:

 Cash Threshold Reports in terms of section 28 of the FIC Act;

 Terrorist Property Reports in terms of section 28A of the FIC Act; and

 Suspicious and Unusual Transaction Reports in terms of section 29 of the FIC Act.

All temporary login credentials will lapse on Friday, 22 April 2016 at 17h00. Queries on this and other compliance matters can be logged via the web portal on the FIC’s website at or call 0860 222 200.

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