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To catalyse innovation and drive positive change in the real estate sector, we are pleased to announce a call to action for sector stakeholders to join hands in transformative initiatives.

The real estate industry plays a pivotal role in shaping our communities, economies, and environments. As we navigate through an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities, collaboration among the public and private sectors becomes imperative to drive meaningful transformation.

Why Join Us?

Participating in these initiatives presents a unique opportunity to:


•          Drive innovation and foster creative solutions to industry challenges.

•          Accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies.

•          Enhance economic growth and create jobs in local communities.

•          Cultivate a more inclusive and equitable real estate ecosystem.


How Can You Get Involved?

We invite stakeholders from both the private and public sectors, including developers, investors, business owners, and other industry leaders, to join us in this collaborative effort. Together, we can leverage our collective expertise, resources, and influence to enact positive change and shape the future of real estate.


To learn more about how you can get involved and contribute to the transformation of the real estate sector, please contact the PPRA at:


Let’s seize this opportunity to drive innovation, sustainability, and prosperity in the real estate industry, for the benefit of present and future generations.


Issued by:

Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority

Date: 01 March 2024


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