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  1. Please note that the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (‘’PPRA’’) will commence with the registration of all Managing Agents as from 29th of February 2024.
  2. Please note that you are no longer required to apply for a section 4 exemption and if you have been granted a section 4 exemption that is perfectly fine, however the section 4 exemption falls away the minute we issue you with your Fidelity Fund Certificate (‘’FFC’).
  3. Section 4 exemptions were ONLY issued as the PPRA was unable to issue FFC for Managing Agents.
  4. Please note that we attach herewith the “How to register as a Property Practitioner on the portal’’ which can be found on our website as well as the “Frequently Asked Questions’’ specifically for Managing Agents.
  5. The link is as follows:
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