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It is most gratifying for the EAAB to be able to record that the overwhelming majority of estate agents that were required to do so have successfully completed the first three-year rolling CPD cycle.  This, no doubt, bodes extremely well for the continued professionalisiation of the real estate sector and for the enhancement of the status of estate agents in fulfilling a most important role within the South African economy.

It should be recorded, however, that those participants who have successfully completed the first three-year rolling CPD cycle, are now required to register for the next CPD cycle which, in their case, will commence in 2018.  It is to be emphasised that that CPD represents a career long commitment by estate agents to the maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism within the differentiated real estate sectors in which they operate.  

The same comments, naturally, apply to those CPD participants who first commenced their respective CPD cycles in 2016 and 2017. As they conclude their respective three-year cycles, they will be required to continue with the CPD cycle in all following years.

The EAAB is currently finalizing the CPD programme for 2018 and hopes to create an appropriate CPD diary for publication towards the end of January 2018.  Doing so will enable CPD participants to timeously decide on the programme that they wish to follow and also to complete the required Personal DP and thereby enabling them to register for CPD purposes by 31 March 2018.  CPD participants are requested to comply with the prompts that are reflected on the MyCPD portal to facilitate the CPD registration process.

The EAAB is pleased to announce that CPD fees have not been increased for 2018 and will remain at R2,500.00 for principal estate agents and R2,000.00 for non-principals estate agents.

CPD Participants are furthermore reminded that it is essential that they also complete the non-verifiable categories for the reward of non-verifiable CPD points.  Further information regarding the obtaining of non-verifiable points may be accessed from the EAAB website under the Education top menu bar in the category CPD.

A concerted endeavor is being made to ensure that the CPD programme for 2018 which, save for the Integrated Real Estate Dialogues, will also be available through e-learning is as instructive and meaningful as possible so as to ensure that CPD participants remain updated with the diverse changes that have impacted, and will continue to impact the real estate agency sector.  The programme will be constructed to ensure that CPD participants will derive the maximum benefit either from attending contact CPD sessions or from utilising the e-Learning programme.

It is intended, moreover, to ensure that the level of envisaged CPD presentations will be apposite to the status occupied by CPD participants as professional property practitioners.

Further updates regarding the 2018 CPD programme will be issued by the EAAB by way of the website and emails and AGENT as and when circumstances justify this so that participants are at all times aware of appropriate developments pertaining to the 2018 CPD programme.

Issued: Education and Training Dept
Date: 29 November 2017

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