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Estate agents are reminded that, in terms of the Standard of Training of Estate Agents Regulations, 2008, they must comply with prescribed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations to continue to practice as such.

All estate agents, excluding only intern estate agents, must participate in the EAAB’s CPD programme and accrue the required number of annual verifiable and non-verifiable CPD points if they wish to retain a fidelity fund certificate entitling them to render estate agency services.  Estate agents falling within the rolling three-year CPD cycle which commenced in 2015, that is to say, persons who were registered as full status estate agents in 2015, but who either failed to register for CPD in 2015, 2016 and/or 2017 or who have not yet accumulated the requisite verifiable and non-verifiable CPD points for those CPD years, are advised that 2017 is the last year in which they may still register for, and complete, the entire CPD programme for the cycle.  

Affected persons are urged to visit the EAAB website at without delay to:

  • register for CPD purposes;
  • submit the required Professional Development Plans for any outstanding year(s) to the EAAB;
  • make immediate payment of any required CPD registration fees; and
  • through participation in the ‘catch-up’ programme, acquire the necessary CPD points.

The attention of estate agents who were required first to have registered for CPD in 2015 and, consequently, to complete the relevant three-year CPD cycle by the end of 2017, is directed to the fact that they will not be able to renew their fidelity fund certificates for 2018 in the event that they have failed to accumulate forty-five verifiable and fifteen non-verifiable CPD points by the end of the 2017 calendar year.

Further information may be obtained by accessing the EAAB website at or sending an e-mail to

The full CPD programme for 2017 appears on the EAAB website ( for perusal by participants who need to access the “Education” menu and then proceed to the “CPD” portal for this purpose.

The programme provides an indication of the various topics, and their content, that will be presented by the EAAB for the acquisition of verifiable CPD points in 2017. The programme should, therefore, assist participants both when completing the required Professional Development Plan (PDP), which is a pre- requisite to registering for CPD purposes, and in choosing topics of interest to acquire the necessary fifteen verifiable CPD points during the course of 2017. It will be noted that certain CPD topics are directed solely at principal estate agents while other topics are delivered only through the e-learning format.

The CPD diary and e-learning programme for 2017 have been uploaded to the EAAB database so that participants are now able, provided only that they have completed and submitted the PDP and paid the required registration fee, to start making reservations to attend CPD contact sessions and/or to commence participation in the CPD e-learning programme.

The EAAB hopes that participants will find the CPD programme for 2017 to be relevant, meaningful and informative and looks forward to welcoming participants who choose to attend contact sessions at those events.


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