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The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) is mindful of the fact that its IT system is, due to circumstances entirely beyond its control, presently performing below full efficiency. This, unfortunately, has had a negative effect on the EAAB’s back-office functionality.  

We wish, however, to advise stakeholders that the EAAB portal remains fully functional so that:

  • estate agents can renew fidelity fund certificates for 2018 as well as download issued fidelity fund certificates;
  • candidates can register for the Professional Designation Examinations;
  • participants can register for CPD, make reservations to attend scheduled contact CPD sessions and also complete on-line CPD e-learning activities while accruing both verifiable and non-verifiable CPD points;
  • estate agents can timeously submit their annual auditor’s reports to the EAAB.

The EAAB wishes to assure stakeholders that it is urgently addressing all systemic IT issues impacting upon its performance. It is anticipated that identified difficulties should be resolved by the end of August 2017 by which time IT services to stakeholders will be fully restored.

Stakeholders are urged to bear with the EAAB in the interim and to exercise patience while the IT system undergoes improvement. Please be aware that everything possible is being done to resolve the situation.

Date of issue: 16 August 2017
Estate Agency Affairs Board

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