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When the CPD programme was implemented in 2015, estate agents were given 2 options to acquire their necessary CPD points for each year. They had the option to do their CPD via contact sessions which are venue-based or via e-Learning which is online. In 2020, contact sessions were suspended because of the Covid-19 virus.
When the PPRA started to offer e-Learning only, this resulted in non-compliance for some estate agents because of the following reasons: (1) Due to our IT issues estate agents we unable to access MYCPD Portal from March 2020 till October 2021; (2) The MYCPD portal was not accessible to the estate agents from 01 November 2021 to May 2022 as the Finance Department also couldn’t process and update payments.
As a mitigation solution to the problems we are facing as the PPRA, doing contact sessions currently is the best solution to provide service to our stakeholders. This will also encourage other non-compliant estate agents to complete the programme as some of them also battle with e-Learning.
Please do note that the contact sessions are a catch up, meaning this is CPD for 2022 program. Those who are still battling to acquire their CPD 2022 points may attend the contact sessions.
The Calendar for venue booking will be uploaded on the portal by 20 January 2023.
Property Practitioners have two options for booking.
1. Book on online by login to MYCPD PORTAL
2. Using the following email address to send the RSVP.
When they RSVP the following information is needed so we can be able to determine which event and where one is intending to attend CPD program.
1.Full Names
3.PPRA Individual Pin
4.Name of the course
5.Venue that one intends to attend the CPD program
Best Regards
Property Practitioners Regulatoy Authority
19 January 2023
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