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13 January 2017

Dear Stakeholder

The EAAB would like to advise all (PDE) candidates who have undertaken to write the PDE on 17 November 2016 that all examination results have been captured and released, or communicated to all participants during the December period.  The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) has however been made aware that some estate agents, for reasons not related to the EAAB, claim to have not yet received such results.  PDE candidates that have as yet not received the examination results are therefore requested to make use of MYEAAB self-service portal to view their respective results.  

Estate agents whose results are in the negative may lodge an appeal within 10 days from today 13 January 2017 by sending an appeal request accompanied by proof of payment for the required fee. The Fees Schedule reflecting the prescribed fee is available on the website under the Education top menu bar.  This should be sent to  which is the (PRESECIBED PROCEDURE).

Failing to submit the request within 10 days (open window) without a proof of payment will be regarded as a non-compliant appeal and will not be processed.  By no later than 07 March 2017, all results that are in the positive the estate agent should expect Certificates of Professional Designation posted via registered mail.  It is important to note that such certificates will be duly posted to the postal address on our system records.  Uncollected post will be returned to the EAAB office by the post office and reposting will attract an additional fee as per the EAAB Schedule of Fees.

Issued by: Education and Training Department

Date: 12 January 2017

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