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The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) would advise that an innovative mechanism to facilitate the interaction of estate agents with the EAAB has been introduced effective 2 May 2017.  The Online Query Management System (OQMS), should henceforth be used for all queries, questions and complaints relating to the issue of fidelity fund certificates, audit compliance, education compliance, legal matters and general enquiries.  Such queries, questions, and complaints must be forwarded to the EAAB by using the “MyEAAB“ online portal that is accessed from the EAAB website.

To utilise the online query management system one must: 

  • log on to the EAAB website at to be directed to the landing page;
  • on the landing page click on “MyEAAB” (;
  • then click on “Existing estate agent” to log in;
  • when logged in populate the required details and validate the information;
  • the “ONLINE QUERY” button will be found on the right hand side of the Menu;
  • now log the relevant query by clicking the “Log a Query” button under “ONLINE QUERY”.

Each logged query will immediately receive an automated acknowledgement indicating a tracking reference number while the matter in question will forthwith be forwarded to the relevant EAAB line department for further attention and response.  It is anticipated that use of the online query management system will both eliminate duplication of effort and significantly improve current EAAB processes in dealing with, and resolving, such matters.

In order to ensure that you have ease of access to the Online Query Management System and to answer questions that you may have, we have developed a Guideline Handbook with the steps to be taken to access the OQMS on the MyEAAB portal on  To access the Guideline Handbook please go to the left navigation menu bar on and scroll down to How to interact with the EAAB if you are an estate agent.  A notification has also been placed on the home page.  Should you still experience difficulty, please use our contact centre 087 285 3222 to assist you, or send an email to

Customer Relations Department
DATE: 08 May 2017


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