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Dear Colleagues

As the year draws to a close we are hoping the EAAB will issue all our members outstanding FFCs for 2018 by early next week.  Please read the report further for an update on our meeting with the EAAB.

Next year will be the year of the Property Practitioners Bill as cabinet recently approved its submission for Parliament.

Before reading on I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your continued support.  As I have mentioned many times before, it is only in our collective numbers that we can achieve what individually we cannot.

My best wishes to you and your families for a safe, happy holiday season and a very prosperous New Year.

Kind regards

FFC’s : We will do what is necessary to protect our members

Hundreds of our members, and we don’t know how many non-members, still have not received their FFC’s for 2018.

Rebosa obtained legal advice in this regard and will, if absolutely necessary, take legal action to protect our members and the industry.

However, during the process we managed to have a very productive meeting with the executive of the EAAB on 12 December.  We have been promised full cooperation to resolve outstanding issues within a matter of days and we will have a follow-up meeting early next week.  

We are hopeful that this will achieve the necessary results.

It is important to keep the following guidelines in mind now and in the future:-

Principals cannot make FFC payments on behalf of their agents.  Each agent must renew their FFCs on their MyEAAB portal and make their own payments using only their individual 7 digit reference numbers.

When making payment only the 7 Digit Reference Number must be used as the beneficiary reference.  Do not use your name or put your name before or after the 7 digit reference number.  The EAAB system is not configured to pick up letters of the alphabet and this results in your payment going into a suspense account, causing further backlogs and delays.

See the document below outlining the steps to be taken when applying for a new FFC or renewing an FFC.


Should you still require assistance from Rebosa, please ensure you furnish us with full details i.e. your Full Name, Name of Company, 7 Digit Reference Number and always accompanied by your proof of payment.

If you have not already contacted us and are still waiting for your 2017 FFC, you need to log your query on our Rebosa website and we will assist further.

FFC Downloads on MyEAAB

Please note that once you have received confirmation that your FFC has been issued it takes a further 24 hours for your FFC to be available on your MyEAAB portal for download.

Given the backlogs the EAAB are currently processing, we have been assured that FFCs will be available for download by 31 December 2017.

Please keep in mind that you are “legal” once a fidelity fund certificate has been “issued”.  The version available for download is less important.

Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Extension

Following our last report and given that many agents have not been able to access their CPD dashboard to continue with the catch up programme, we have been advised of an extension of the first 3 year CPD rolling cycle which ends 31 December 2017.  We are confident a notification from EAAB is imminent and advise you not to stress unduly.

Property Practitioners Bill:

On Wednesday 6 December, during their final meeting for 2017, Cabinet approved the submission of the Bill to Parliament.

Parliament has risen for 2017, so we can expect this to progress early next year.


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