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Dear Colleagues

The end of the year is finally upon us.  Our last Multi-Stakeholder meeting with the EAAB takes place on 3 December and we remain hopeful that we will be able to publish positive outcomes of these meetings soon.

The proliferation of new legislation, difficult economic trading conditions and not to mention the complexities around the CPD roll-out, have all contributed to a tough year for the industry.  This being said, we remain dedicated to looking after your best interests and building an inclusive and vibrant industry.

We are currently in the process of commenting officially on the now published Property Sector Code and have done so on the proposed increase in levies and contributions to the Fidelity Fund.

We will keep you informed on developments in this regard.

Kind regards


Property Sector Charter Council BEE Scorecard

The Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) office is embarking on a reporting process as required by law.

The PSCC will be contacting entities directly for their Property Sector Code Scorecard submissions.

The information is required for the PSCC to compile annual reports on the state of BBBEE within the Property Sector based in relation to the transformational objectives set out in the Sector Code.  This is also required for the PSCC to be in a position to understand the current challenges and weakness that need improvement in implementing the property scorecard.

All BBBEE scorecards for 2014-2015 are to be submitted by e-mail no later than 7th of December 2015 to the PSCC, please ensure that both addresses below are copied:-



See the full notice. PSCC BEE Scorecard Submission

Governing Community Schemes

In terms of the CSOS Act, 2011 (Act 9 of 2011) one of the mandates of the CSOS service is to provide training; and to provide education, information, documentation and such services as may be required to raise awareness to owners, occupiers, executive committees and other persons or entities who have rights and obligations in community schemes, as regards those rights and obligations.

To this end, the CSOS is developing a training program aimed at stakeholders and all parties to a community scheme.

The CSOS is currently piloting this program with its internal conciliators and adjudicators.

It is envisioned that the training will commence in February of 2016 and will be provided at NO charge!

A training application form will soon be loaded onto the CSOS website on

For any enquiries contact

PAIA Manual: Deadline 31 December 2015

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) allows members of the public to know who they are dealing with in a business or private body. To be compliant with Section 51 of the Act, all public and private bodies including companies, partnerships, close corporations, trusts, bodies corporate and homeowners’ associations must submit a PAIA manual (also known as a “Section 51 Manual”) to the Human Rights Commission before 31 December 2015.

Non-compliance invites a fine or possible imprisonment.

At the minimal fee of R750 plus VAT, STBB will compile your Section 51 manual and lodge same to the Human Rights Commission in both electronic as well as hard copy form.

For assistance, contact Walleed Adams: in STBB’s commercial department.

Enhancements to the MyEAAB Auditors Portal and Verification of Submitted Audit Reports

Effective 4 November 2015, the EAAB have made several changes to the MyEAAB Auditors Portal.

Auditors of estate agents who were registered on the Portal before 4 November 2015 will be requested to update the information of the individual designated registered auditor when they log-in again on the Portal.

This information of the individual auditor will be validated against the register of auditors maintained by the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (IRBA) before the update of information can be successful.

What this means is that no Audit Compliance or Section 27 staff member will have access to the new Auditors Portal as of 5 November 2015, as their usernames and passwords will not work anymore.

Please peruse the full notice here MyEAAB Auditors Portal

MyEAAB Auditors Portal How to Register

Services SETA QMD Backlogs Project

The Services SETA is undertaking an exercise to identify, address, and eliminate, outstanding applications, received in respect of:

1.            Skills Development Providers awaiting External moderation dates;

2.            Outstanding certifications and statements of results;

3.            All candidates who have submitted applications for registration of assessor and moderator;

4.            Skills development providers who applied for accreditation;

5.            Artisans trade test certificates.

The Services SETA thus calls upon applicants who have submitted applications (during the period March 2000 until 30 April 2015) in respect of any of the above, or who have been trade tested at various Services SETA centres (also during the period March 2000 until 30 April 2015), but have yet to receive any feedback to kindly follow the link and to log their issues there.

In this regard, REBOSA members can still forward outstanding SSETA NQF 4/5 certification queries to

SSETA are currently dealing with our members’ backlog and we have managed to resolve a fair number of queries in the past weeks.

CPD Point Allocation

If your CPD points have not been allocated and uploaded to your MyCPD portal, please email

In the email, include your Name, ID Number, EAAB Reference Number and the dates and venues of the workshops you attended.

The EAAB CPD task team are kindly attending to a schedule of all REBOSA Members’ outstanding points and we are able to follow up on this schedule on a weekly basis.

CPD Topics and Content for 2016, 2017 and 2018

REBOSA have been invited to participate in the discussions in respect of CPD topics and content for the next 3 year cycle.  We have formed a panel of industry experts to make recommendations and motivate for content and material that will benefit estate agents going forward.

Draft Aligned Property Sector Code

The Draft Aligned Property Sector Code has been gazetted for public commentary.   On behalf of our members we will be submitting comments on the Code.

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