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Dear Colleagues

Finally, some good news!

As previously mentioned in our 31 August Report, our meetings with Mrs Mafu, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee of Human Settlements resulted in the formation of the Multi Stakeholders Group (“MSG”).

Thanks to the leadership of Prof. Kwandiwe Kondlo, Chairperson of the EAAB and Dr Andrew Golding, Chairperson of REBOSA who were instructed by Mrs Mafu to formalise dialog between the EAAB and industry, MSG meets regularly and comprises representatives of most estate agency bodies and the EAAB.

See previous communique – Communique 1 – Establishment of Multi Stakeholder Group Final

Through these efforts rather significant amendments have been made to the CPD programme.  Read the communique issued by the EAAB and the MSG, which is for your urgent perusal. Multi-Stakeholder Group Communication 2 (002)

REBOSA now has almost all national groupings as well as more than 500 estate agencies as members which members employ/are associated with more than 15 000 estate agents. We are the most representative entity in the real estate industry and have achieved much but still with a long way to go.

2016 will be known as the year of the Property Practitioners Bill.

We need more/all agencies to belong to REBOSA, now more than ever.


My best wishes to you and your families for a safe, happy holiday season and a very prosperous New Year.

Kind regards


Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) : Amended Guidelines


1. Catch-up

  • Agents who have not yet registered for the 2015 CPD programme can do so now and obtain the required 15 verifiable points electronically through the e-learning.
  • Agents who have registered for CPD for 2015 but who have not managed to accumulate the required 15 verifiable points can obtain these through the e-learning platform.
  • AND there is ample time to complete this … need to rush before Christmas! Please read the attached communique carefully and check registration dates.
  • All points can be accrued through the E-Learning platform.  There will be no need to attend lectures which will be optional.

2. CPD Point Registration

The EAAB is still in the process of capturing, allocating and uploading CPD points.   Given the new deadline of December 2016, there is no urgency for this to happen now and you do not have to be concerned if your points are still not reflecting.  Please advise us in January if your points have still not been uploaded.

3. Fees 2016

Fortunately the fees have not been increased but we are working very hard to motivate a reduction. Please note that staggered payments are no longer possible.

4. No Penalty this Year

No agent will be penalised for not having achieved the necessary points before December 2016.

5. Curriculum

The curriculum will be improved to include training in respect of professional skills as well.

6.  E-Learning Tests   Currently, agents have to achieve a 100% pass rate when completing the e-learning courses.  This has been revised and a pass rate of 70% now needs to be achieved – effective 14 December this year!

PAIA Manuals

We received notification that private bodies have been exempt from submitting PAIA Manuals for a further 5 years.


The South African Human Rights Commission (the Commission) received notice on 26 November 2015 from the office of the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services confirming that the Minister has “decided to further exempt private bodies from compiling the Manual contemplated in section 51(1) of PAIA for a period of five years with effect from 1 January 2016.”

The notice of exemption is yet to be gazetted. The Commission will make same available as soon as it has been published.

Kisha Candasamy Acting Head: PAIA T: +27 11 877 3814 Email :

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