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Dear Colleagues


On Thursday 28 January, 2015 REBOSA launched the “REBOSA Equality Pledge” aimed at uniting estate agents against any form of discrimination in the real estate industry and broader society.

Attached is a covering letter, explaining the rationale behind the “Pledge” as well as a copy of the “Pledge” for your perusal.
The “Pledge” can be signed electronically on our website, or if preferred, it can be downloaded from our website, scanned and emailed to us at

As valued members of REBOSA we are urging you to please participate fully in this campaign by sharing the pledge on all your social media platforms, company websites and email databases.  You are also welcome to post your pictures and videos on our social media platforms.  We hope to spread the message as far and wide as possible.

As part of the campaign we have developed a series of adverts promoting the pledge which will be published in all the property publications in the weeks to follow.

We have also attached the campaign logo, “Discrimination Stops With ME” which you are welcome to use in your own marketing efforts.

In addition, we have designed certificates of acceptance of the “Pledge” and if you require one of these for your office, please email

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Pledge Documents

REBOSA Equality Pledge Covering Letter

REBOSA Equality Pledge


Discrimination Stops With Me Logo

Introduction of the New Registration and Reporting Platform by the Financial Intelligence Centre

The Financial Intelligence Centre is preparing for the introduction of a new registration and reporting platform, goAML, for all accountable and reporting institutions, as defined in the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, Act No 38 of 2001, as amended (the FIC Act).

REBOSA has been requested to ask its Members to test the new goAML system and to provide the Centre with feedback on possible challenges that may be experienced accessing the system.

Information can be found on the website and queries relating to the system can be addressed to Michelle Sewchuran on email:

Please read the notice for detailed information.

16028 FICLet – REBOSA (GoAML)

Expropriation Bill

The next meeting on the Expropriation Bill is Tuesday, 2 February 2016 at 09H30.  The Portfolio Committee on Public Works, (National Assembly), will consider and adopt the Bill.

Following is a copy of the Bill as was tabled before the Committee.

Expropriation Bill

Property Practitioners Bill

On 21 January, the REBOSA Board met with the firm of attorney’s that are preparing the commentary on the Property Practitioners Bill so that we are fully prepared for its release, when it happens.

CPD Points

Following numerous emails from members affirming that their CPD points have not been allocated or uploaded to their “MyCPD”portals, we have received the following communication from the EAAB

“From 04 January 2016, all estate agents logging on to the CPD portal are defaulted to complete the 2016 PDP before they can do anything on the portal. This does not mean that they have to first pay for CPD, as the deadline for payment is only 31 March 2016.  This control is to ensure that estate agents submit PDPs and avoid the previous years’ situation where some estate agents attended CPD events, but points could not be allocated because they had not submitted their PDPs.
All they need to do is to spend 2 minutes to complete the PDP and then they can proceed to the portal”

We have sent the EAAB a spreadsheet of members’ points which were previously unallocated and we are lead to believe that these points have now been uploaded.  If you have completed your PDP, and your points are still not reflecting, then please contact us urgently on so that we can try and rectify before the next cycle begins.

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